Publish0x Integrates CoinGecko API and Price Widgets

Publish0x Integrates CoinGecko API and Price Widgets

We're excited to announce that we've integrated Coin Gecko price widgets into publish0x!

You can now insert single coin price data into your posts from ANY coin listed on Coin Gecko (they have more coins than coinmarketcap!) - here's some examples: 

We also have "comparison charts" too! You can include several coins (again from ANY coin listed!) and display their charts against each other - here's an example with BNB token compared to TRON (and outperforming them both :))

How to Insert Coin Gecko Widgets?

Just take a look on the header of our editor for the Coin Gecko symbol.


Give it a click and then pick which type of widget you want and which coin(s) you want to display and it will pull the widget into your post :)

Dan Bainbridge
Dan Bainbridge Official Team Member

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of Publish0x, he is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast.

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