Publish0x March Update

Publish0x March Update

Hi Publish0x community,

Finally, here's an official update from us. :) I realize that we didn't make an effort to let you all know what we are doing with Publish0x, where we see the future of the platform and how the development is progressing.

Looking from the outside, progress can seem slow to non existent, but that is far from the case. We are a team of six people fully dedicated to help Publish0x grow.


This is the first of what will be monthly updates, but this one will be more general and I'll write out where we're at, what you can see in the near future, and things we are aware need to be fixed (most of which we are working on).


What you will find in this update:

  • Publish0x Growth Update
  • Roadmap Update
  • Development Updates
  • Addressing Lower Quality Content


Publish0x Growth

We've more than doubled the userbase in March already, and are just getting started. You can check growth stats at



As well as the growth from our Google Analyics, from January until today:



Roadmap Update

Our roadmap has been updated last week, and you can check that post here:


Development Update


Even though development seems slow, our developers are making small changes daily, on top of developing the bigger core stuff.


Smaller changes are made almost on a daily basis

These are the non-sexy things, some of which I've listed below. We make some of these changes pretty much daily.

  • Improving tipper
  • Changing design of tipper
  • Adding more clear notifications
  • Changing location of notifications
  • Coding up commenting and comment threading system
  • Adding oath login for Facebook and Twitter
  • Backend optimisations and Database management
  • Adding to and updating our FAQ
  • And lots of other "small" improvements, like adding a "Team" badge to our team members avatars in the comments section.


Bigger Picture Development - What we are doing:

  • Our developers have prepared Publish0x for the next Token of the Month!
  • Added growth STATS!
  • We are implementing a better fraud detection system (sorry, can't share details)
  • We are developing a system to get good content found more easily
  • Our developers are busy working on the future updates which you can check in our updated roadmap post.


Addressing Lower Quality Content


We are aware that a lot of content published on here is users trying to gain referrals to random airdrops and other programs. We will not be trying to stop this, as our philosophy is that anything goes, as long as it's legal.

But, we realize that it's not fun scrolling through a dozen of posts that are just inviting you to join one aidrop or another, just to find one good post worth reading.

Rest assured that we consider this a major issue and are working on a solution: A system that will make it easier for good quality content to get discovered, and you should see less of lower quality stuff, unless you specifically search for it.


Which token will be the main token of April? Pssst, it's a secret. :)

But we will give you a "hint". :)



... but it might be HYDRO. Check out Hydro at CoinGecko. :)



Thanks for reading this! Would love to see your comments, let us know what you think and especially what changes you'd like to see on Publish0x.


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