Publish0x Roadmap

Publish0x Roadmap

Last Updated 17th March 2019: This is a fluid document so we will keep updating it over time.

Timelines aren't exact but this is what we have coming up next!



  • [DONE!] Pre-Beta: Only BNTY token, it powers all tipping, and we pay the tips. This is just a testing with a few private bloggers, not wanting to share the articles and attract real readers yet. [DONE November 2018]
  • [NOW/SOON]Beta: No changes to tokens, still just BNTY but we now start some marketing and attracting readers and pull some traffic through the platform and "allow" people to share their articles on social media etc. [DONE December 2018]
  • Other non sexyy things that got done: Improving tipper, changing design of tipper. Adding more clear notifications. Changing location of notifications. Coding up commenting and comment threading system. Adding oath login for facebook, twitter and reddit. Added growth STATS! Backend optimisations. Database management 

Immediate Timeline

  • Adding ERC20 token support. Starting April 1st we will be introducing a 2nd token. Blog post to come explaining the new tipping mechanics and how adding of extra tokens will work.
  • "Drips Blogs": Adding a new "class" of blog which can be LOCKED to ONLY pay out tips in a certain token (i.e. for official team blogs and sponsors)
  • Depositing: Ability to depost and pay a bigger tip to a blogger. Token utility within the platform for example buying a "feature my article for 1 day on the homepage" spot, and some really exciting further utility for BNTY token to get access to some of the advanced features without paying.. seriously, some of this is really cool, but we are still planning so it's a little premature yet ;)

Bigger Future Plans

  • Article Bounty System: A bounties system so someone / a team can join up and post a $50 bounty for creating content  e.g. "Bounty = $30 / Title = XCoin October Analysis / Info = Write a 400 word article about our coin price movements in October as well as mentioning our 2 new partnerships."
  • Featured Your Post: Pay a small amount to feature your post on our header and homepage for the day. (needs depositing first)
  • Bigger Tips: Deposit a larger amount of cryptocurrency to send a bigger tip to an author you really love.
  • Patreon Elements: Setup weekly/monthly sponsorships of your favorite bloggers.
  • Token lockups / staking: Lock up 1000 or 10,000 BNTY/token then you earn a higher rate (this is simple "proof of person", rather than needing full kyc, if soemone is prepared to lockup $5 of tokens then they are real and their account can earn higher). After a trial this can then be used for other elements for example "lockup $5 worth of tokens rather than paying $5 to feature your post".

Canceled Plans

  • Integration with Request.Network. This integration will enable us to integrate and allow tipping in a range of different erc20 tokens, and then lead on and allow us to develop "Premium Features", "Bigger Tips", "Patreon Elements"
  • Cancelled as Reqest.Network rejected our proposal for a small sponsorship (even though it was only paid based on "request usages generated', our users aren't good enough for Request ;) , Meh, thats $1,1000 that could have been going through the Request Network but isnt.

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Dan Bainbridge is the founder of Publish0x, he is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast.

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