Presenting the Most Viewed Posts on Publish0x in June 2019

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We get a lot of requests to publicly display the number of views every post on Publish0x gets. Each author has the ability to see how many views their post has gotten, but they cannot see these stats for other posts.

We have made a decision that the amount of tips an article has earned is the most important stat that we want to be publicly visible, but we've also heard you! In this post, I will list the most popular articles on Publish0x in June - specifically, posts that have received the highest number of views according to our Google Analytics report.


15 Most Viewed Posts in June.

The following are the most viewed posts in June, as reported by Google Analytics.





Top Viewed Posts Concerning the Publish0x Platform.

According to Google Analytics, "DAI Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x" was the most viewed post in June. It is no wonder, since this post was one of the two posts that was linked via the "Learn More About DAI Stablecoin" button that was visible after users made every tip during June.




Google Analytics swears that this post has had 4,640 views in June. A post that is welcoming users to Publish0x is still among the most viewed posts on our website. It was viewed exactly 2,740 times in June. Finally, the third popular post concerning our platform was the Publish0x May Update post. Our monthly update posts are always popular, and the May Update edition was viewed 1,905 times.







DAI Stablecoin and Maker - You Loved to Read Posts Relating to these Projects in June!



There were a total of about 70! posts last month that at least partly discussed Maker and DAI. Google stats show that articles about DAI and MKR had well over 22,000 pageviews.

Stats show that posts in the DAI Fans Blog alone has had 8,628 pageviews in the last month.



The second post linked via the "Learn More About DAI Stablecoin" buttonand the third most popular post last month overall was Everything you need to know about MakerDao and Dai. This post had 3,666 views in June, according to Google Analytics.



Three other posts about DAI and Maker were popular last month, including: Maker promises to pass the barrier of $800 in a short timeDAI: The Decentralized Stablecoin, and DAI - A Solution for Uncertainty & Liquidity Demand - Technical Analysis, each getting between 1,500 and 1,800 views during June.







ETN - The Second Most Interesting Token in June?


Electroneum United is a big fan of ETN, and has written 14 posts about Electroneum during June (and a total of 19 for his Everything Electroneum blog!).

During June, there were 18 posts total about Electroneum, amassing a similar number of views to posts concerning DAI - a total of 22,233 views. In big part this number of views is thanks to many of these posts being feature on our homepage, and the author being active in the ETN Reddit community!

The four most popular posts were This Kid Will Be ETN Rich!, 20 New Countries To Use ETN!, ETN, Don't Believe The FUD!, and finally FOMO ALERT: ETN Supply and Gig.Guru. Each of these posts was viewed between 1,500 and 4,500 times!








Articles about BAT, HYDRO and DASH are Among the 15 Most Viewed Articles in June!


Posts about Brave and Basic Attention Token (especially BAT) always prove to be popularMy first Brave Browser Payout - BAT tokens received in May written by Mamaecrypto was viewed 2,456 times!


There were 15 posts (give or take a few) written about BAT and Brave by our users in June, all of them combined getting over 6,500 views.


Hydro is one of the tokens users can tip in on Publish0x, has a great project, so it is no wonder that it is one of the more popular tokens to write about on our platform. They also have an Hydro official blog on Publish0x, then there's a fan led Hydro Fans blog, and our users also often write about the token. Last month there were six posts written about Hydro (this month the number of posts written around Hydro is three times higher already), getting a total of 7,480 views.

This post published by the Project Hydro team was the most viewed post about the token: Hydro Pay App – An Inside Look - it was viewed 1,846 times.



DASH is a big project, and their community isn't (yet!) too active on Publish0x, with only five posts being written around this project in June. Still, some Publish0x users love DASH! connecteconomy has written two popular posts about DASH: You can now hunt for DASH with the AIRCOINS App? and DASH keeps innovating: The DASH Investment Foundation were both well received, although the second article wasn't among the 15 most viewed ones.







An Outlier - the Fourth Most Viewed Post in June, that is NOT About Crypto!


Mamaecrypto's interesting post titled Left-brained or Right-Brained? What color do you see? was the fourth most viewed post last month, with 2,944 views. It can happen. :)



SOON - A Report on 20 Most Tipped Posts in June!

I hope that you guys have enjoyed this update. Stay tuned, as in a few days I will show you the top 20 posts that got the most tips during June!




As always, if you need any help with your account, write to us at Don't forget to join our community on Telegram - click on to join us now. See you there!




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