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Travala - Save on your travels and earn cash back in cryptocurrencies

4 days ago 1 minute read connecteconomy $4.26 tipped

What is Travala?  Travala is a new blockchain-based hotel booking platform. Basically like, only you earn cash rewards back in cryptocurrency.  According to the Travala blog, you will save 15% on your bookings on average if you book throu...

Bittercoin - The Worst Miner Ever

1 week ago 1 minute read connecteconomy $3.48 tipped

Credit goes to the photographers on this page. Last week I was invited by the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe to give an introductory talk on cryptocurrencies and help participants install their first wallet.  During the school's one wee...

Email Security - Avoiding the most basic mistakes in Crypto Land

4 weeks ago 2 minute read connecteconomy $4.12 tipped

One of the biggest mistakes people make, is having only one email address and using it for everything they sign up to online.  While that is very convenient, it's also very dangerous: if this email address gets compromised, many of your online accoun...

The Pillar Wallet Has An In-App Token Exchange Now!!

15 Jul 2019 1 minute read connecteconomy $3.91 tipped

The Pillar Project reached another mile stone last week: you can now exchange your tokens directly in the wallet! Introducing the "Offers Engine" It's super simple and intuitive, but if you like instruction videos, you can watch this short clip to se...

Five legitimate ways to earn crypto through referrals

13 Jul 2019 4 minute read connecteconomy $4.77 tipped

There are many opportunities to earn referral commission in the crypto space - after all, rewarding the community for sharing is the fastest way to market a new product. But not all of them are really attractive and some of them are downright frauds....

Lolli - Earn Bitcoin Rewards While Shopping Online

10 Jul 2019 4 minute read connecteconomy $3.42 tipped

Lolli is the first bitcoin rewards application that lets you earn bitcoin when you shop online.  Basically, you shop online as you always do, only now you're getting a small amount of Bitcoin credited to your account after you check out. Imagine! The...

High Risk or Safe Haven - What drives people towards Bitcoin around the world?

7 Jul 2019 4 minute read connecteconomy $5.86 tipped

I often look into surprised faces when I say that many people use Bitcoin as an insurance policy - as a way to preserve their wealth.  Outsiders typically believe that Bitcoin is just a speculation tool "to get rich". They also believe that Bitcoin i...

Coinbits - Pro's and Con's of the new "Spare change to Bitcoin" platform

17 Jun 2019 3 minute read connecteconomy $4.35 tipped

Coinbits is a new service launched by Bitcoin wunderkind Erik Finman (he bought Bitcoin when he was 12, which made him a teen-millionaire) In an interview with MarketWatch, he said,  “The goal of the application is to make cryptocurrency not just mo...

You can now hunt for DASH with the AIRCOINS App ?

15 Jun 2019 3 minute read connecteconomy $5.39 tipped

Oooh, I thought I wasn't going to get addicted to the Aircoins App... but today I found out that you can now hunt for Dash with it!!  Aircoins is considered the "Pokemon Go for crypto" That basically means that you can hunt coins in augmented reality...

Will Facebook's Global Coin bring mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?

13 Jun 2019 3 minute read connecteconomy $5.13 tipped

Facebook recently announced its plans to launch “Global Coin” in 2020.  Should we celebrate this as win on the path to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies? Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users (if Wikipedia is right). Of course many of the...