LTC/USD Retail Market Structure: Q1 2021 so far

By idm | Psychologica | 13 Mar 2021

This post examines LTC/USD retail price and volume movement from Jan-01 to Mar-12.


2021 started with LTC trading around 130 USD on high volume.

The first week in January ended with strong trading that drove the price towards 175 USD.

The price continued to trade in a price channel 15 USD wide throughout the second week of January.

Entering the third week in January, LTC fell below 140 USD and traded sideways.

LTC finished January by backsliding towards 130 USD.

Particularly high volume traded around 130 USD around January 29.

February opened with moderate volume driving the price back above 150 USD.

The second week in February saw LTC rocket above 210 USD, albeit on fairly slim volume.

In the third week of February, LTC peaked at nearly 240 USD.

February closed with a sharp retreat to 180 USD, at which time LTC began trading sideways in a channel about 10 USD wide.

March opened with low volume trading around 180 USD.

The second week in March saw LTC reclaim 200 USD - but once again, doing so with moderate to low volume.

How to read this plot

This plot depicts the movement of LTC quoted in USD, for the year 2021 to date. Data for LTC/USD were collected from Kraken.

The width of the line is proportional to the volume traded during that period. Similarly, lighter colors correspond to higher volume.

The peaks and troughs have been identified. Peaks were connected to form channels containing most of the price action.

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People make the market. Psychologica publishes original research about people and markets.

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