AMPL/USD Retail Market Structure: Q1 2021 so far

By idm | Psychologica | 7 Mar 2021

This post examines AMPL/USD retail price and volume movement from Jan-01 to Mar-06.


AMPL entered into 2021 trading just under 1 USD.

Strong volume pushed the price to 1.2 USD - and even stronger volume in the second week forced a retreat to 0.8 USD.

The third week of January saw moderate trading that oscillated around 1 USD.

By the end of January, the AMPL market had settled to agreement upon 1 USD.

February began with explosive price action as moderate volume drove the price to 1.5 USD.

Extreme volumes traded between 1.3 USD and 1.65 USD during the first week of February.

The second week of February saw lower volume that gradually settled on a price of about 1.3 USD, followed by low-volume trading that sent the price back to 1 USD.

By the third week of February, trading volume had diminished substantially.

Although the price reached 1.25 USD by the end of the third week in February, low volume was able to pull the price all the way to 0.8 USD with seemingly little effort.

February closed at 0.8 USD while trading very little volume.

March opened with a low-volume drive to 1.1 USD, where the price currently sits.

How to read this plot

This plot depicts the movement of AMPL quoted in USD, for the year 2021 to date. Data for AMPL/USD were collected from FTX.

The width of the line is proportional to the volume traded during that period. Similarly, lighter colors correspond to higher volume.

The peaks and troughs have been identified. Peaks were connected to form channels containing most of the price action.

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People make the market. Psychologica publishes original research about people and markets.

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