April Situation Report

What. A. Month.

Publish0x: As usual, let's start here. This month's results were actually a bit weird and unexpected. I posted 13 articles, so about the same as I've been doing since the beginning of the year, and got 42 new subscribers, which is a lot more than usual. Most of these came from one article, and it's something I even considered not publishing at all! The article I spent the most time on and put the most thoughts on, and that I think is the most interesting I have published in a while, about my investment strategy, ended up being my worst performing post of the year (according to stats)! And the article I spent the least time on this month, and that I hesitated to publish because it didn't feel as interesting, about my future Publish0x writing plans, ended up on the Popular page and being my second best performer since I joined the platform! I don't really know why, but if there's one lesson to learn here, it is that you should always keep creating because you can never predict what will work or not until it's out there for the world to see!


I also won a little something in the Presearch writing contest, so this month was definitely a good one on P0x! My earnings totalled a bit more than $20 thanks to this.


Stock footage: I uploaded some photos and videos to my different portfolios, and I sold one picture on ShutterStock this month, for a whopping 44 cents! Even though it's definitely not a lot, it's pushing me to keep uploading more and more content there! Especially since the picture I sold was uploaded in January, so it's clearly the right idea to consider this a long term income stream.


Youtube: New plan, new videos, new subscribers, I'm starting to get ahold of my youtube channel again and it feels good to get back to creating content on there! I cleaned it up, setting a lot of videos to "unlisted" so they don't appear on my channel and I changed the description of all my videos to match the one I have here with my social links. I know I'm getting some subscribers on yt coming from here which is always an amazing feeling, and I hope I can get some people to join here from my channel too. I am writing a few video and photo tutorials that I'll need to film after I buy some more gear, and that should drive people here since I'm planning on writing a detailed post for each tutorial.


Interests: I'm still earning interest in NEXO tokens on NEXO, to reach higher loyalty levels and receive more dividends this summer, and I'm transferring more and more coins there to make my portfolio grow faster (including all of my FORTH earnings, but more on that later). I reached the silver loyalty level but lost it a few days later as I made bigger deposits and didn't have enough NEXO tokens anymore. I think I'll keep earning in NEXO until the dividends are paid (a few more months), and by then I'll probably have a good stack and I'll switch back to earning in kind, with higher rates.


Investments: As I explained here, I started investing the stock market this month, and I will allocate a small percentage of my revenue to investing there every week, consistently, basically forever (probably growing what I allocate when I feel more comfortable with both the market and my income). I only invested in real estate (REITs and REIT ETFs) and I should start receiving dividends next month, as I only chose stocks that pay monthly (the goal being to slowly grow this income stream and actually rely on it at some point). It's just going to be few cents, but these will soon enough turn into full dollars! As is the case for all my investments, I'm in it for the long run and not for immediate returns, so patience is my best friend here.


Airdrop: Since I joined last year, Publish0x has changed my life for many different reasons, and the FORTH airdrop was definitely one of them. I woke up one morning, looked at Twitter and saw a random tweet saying "hey, if you have some AMPL, go claim some FORTH!". I was not expecting anything amazing, as I just had about 4 AMPL in MetaMask (that I even regretted withdrawing from P0x a few months ago since they're just sitting there and ETH fees are way too high to do anything fun with 4 AMPL). And holy cow, was that FORTH airdrop life changing... I almost received 20% of my entire capital. I converted it to BTC and moved it to NEXO, where I'm getting 7% interests on it. Again, thank you Publish0x, thank you Ampleforth, and thank all of you for reading me and tipping me 🙏.


The main thing I did this month was my "personal rebranding", I wrote 4 articles about it, about my train of thoughts and my new strategies as a content creator on Instagram, Youtube and P0x, and it felt good to question myself like that and take the time to figure out what I like doing and what I actually want to do. I decided to stick to creating content for creators, and it's great to have a goal, something to focus on and not just be posting random things here and there. So, yeah, definitely a good month!


Again, any advice or feedback is most appreciated, and thank you for your support!

Talk to you soon!




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