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By PierreL | Content For Creators | 15 Apr 2021

After I published the first and second episodes of this "Personal Rebranding" series, I kept thinking about my online presence and what exactly I should focus on. And I think I finally figured it out. When I created my Buy Me A Coffee page, I used, as a tagline, that I was "sharing tips, tricks and resources with creative people on a budget" and I think this should be my actual strategy from now on. So let's see how to work that angle from my Youtube channel's point of view.

I never really had a strategy on Youtube. I make videos about anything I'm thinking about at that moment and upload them. I tried starting concepts and series, but I started so many over the years that I ended up not posting anything anymore. So I decided to remove a lot of videos I created and uploaded since 2017, and to stick to only 3 types of videos to post going forward, starting today:

  • Trailer Mashups: I do really like this series, it's fun, challenging, and I'm getting good feedback for it. If you're new to my content, it's a video concept I created in which I take the audio of a blockbuster movie trailer and edit footage from a cartoon classic to it to get a brand new epic cartoon trailer. You can find the playlist here. I have a new one in the works that should come out before the end of the month if all goes well. I'm going more and more into depth with this concept, trying different ways of approaching the subject (like trying to match the trailers shot by shot perfectly, creating custom titles using the style of the original movies, etc). As with everything I post on Youtube, the point is for me to create entertaining content for you, while learning more and more editing and vfx techniques to get better at my job.
  • Tutorials: I only ever made one tutorial, last year, but it's actually pretty popular considering my reach (about 2k views without really advertising it and with only 141 subscribers, and a handful of nice comments). I consume a lot of tutorial content, and I know I'm not the only one. But I feel like there's so many already out there that I don't want to be just another guy saying the same thing, lost in the masses. I want to create tutorials for things that I either don't find tutorials for, or don't find great tutorials for. Following the online strategy I described above, I will definitely make more content like that, and share photo or video editing tips and tricks more and more. I'm also thinking of writing a post here breaking down each tutorial, so that the content can be accessible by video or by writing, with screenshots. I already have a few ideas, I just need to finalize them and start filming!
  • "Creations": be it cinematic sequences, fun skits, or compilations of short videos I would eventually upload on other networks. These are videos that involve me planning, directing, filming, potentially acting and definitely editing. There will be less of these, but if I find an interesting subject or story, I want to keep this door open.

I'm done with travel videos (I will keep them private), I'm done with wildlife videos (Instagram only), I'm done with Albert and Elizabeth videos (Instagram only), I'm done with very short, fun videos (Twitter only), and I'm done with Stock Trailers (fake movie trailers videos made using only stock footage, it's interesting for me but not really popular and, since I need to cut some stuff, this is an obvious choice).

This means I just got rid of 20 videos, a well needed spring cleaning if you will, and gathered 6 of them into one compilation (the "green screen" skits I did with my mother last year, when I was quarantining with her). I did not delete the videos though, since some are still linked to posts here or on Twitter, they're just set as unlisted, that way they won't "pollute" my channel, but they can still be accessed and shared, if need be.



I will also work more on my thumbnails, as it is a good exercise of photo editing/montage, and an added value to grow faster on Youtube. I will progressively change all of the existing ones and I'll spend more time working on that aspect before uploading new videos. One thing I'm trying to do is to make sure I write different things on the thumbnail and in the video title, as redundant information tends to be counterproductive on the internet.

I already changed all of my Trailer Mashup thumbnails in the beginning of the month, going from a very simple background color + title + main characters to a more advanced actual mashup where I Photoshop (well, Gimp) cartoon characters into movie scenes, and recreate the movie title styles, as you can see below in the before/after screenshots. It doesn't look as neat, but I think they're more intriguing, interesting, elaborate and less childish. And they fit the concept more, as it's a real mashup of both worlds.




To complete the revamp of my channel, I need to update my banner, and to do so I need to find the perfect words and colors to reflect what it's going to be about before starting working on the design.

I'm currently working on redesigning my website to make it more of a photo and video portfolio (since video editing is my job, not just a hobby), and I will very soon create new blogs here and reorganize all of my articles in these new categories. I will probably focus more on content creation, tutorials, ideas, posting more of my work, etc, but I'll cover all of that in a future post.



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Thumbnail credits: Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

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