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Robinhood Trading App offers 3% interest, debit cards, crypto "trading"

5 days ago 1 minute read GilVMedia $0.07 tipped

In 2015, Robinhood was released which promised commission-free investing and trading in stocks, options, ETFs and then later, Bitcoin and some other well-known cryptocurrencies. According to CNBC , Robinhood saw massive growth in 2018, jumped from 5...

When can I retire? Probably never.

24 Oct 2019 7 minute read ktn699 $0.15 tipped

I come from a very humble family, so I was taught that hard work and penny pinching would ensure a better future. Suffer now, savor later. However, after a decade of education and another 5 years of working the equivalent of two full-time jobs, I've...

WTF is DeFi and should I care? 🤔

6 Nov 2019 2 minute read Raise $0.29 tipped

We are living in a new world.The last few years have been instrumental in positive changes in both the financial and technological sectors. In the last few months, we’ve seen a major surge in ‘DeFi services’ and we want to help you understand why pro...

Building Wealth on Blockchain

15 Sep 2019 16 minute read Niklas Spille-Scheich $8.25 tipped

First things first: The brethren Greed and Avarice are no good advisors, neither are Men in Grey Suits. When I'm talking about "Building Wealth", I'm not going for the wealth of Elon Musk (Co-Founder of PayPal), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) or Bill Gates (Mic...