Personal rebranding: Changing my Publish0x strategy

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 26 Apr 2021

So now that I've decided on my Instagram and Youtube strategies and where these accounts are headed from now on, it's time to figure out what to do with my Publish0x blogs. Up until recently, I had 4 blogs here: One about all things video (my videos, tips and tricks, software, editing and filmmaking lessons...), one for all things crypto, one focused on personal finance and my financial journey, and, finally, one for everything else (travel, photography, sports, space, online privacy, just anything I enjoy and feel like writing about).

This was not going anywhere, I kept finding myself struggling to figure out where to classify new articles, what to advertise about and I never knew how to precisely answer the "so what do you write about?" question that people kept asking me.

So it was time to clean all that up, chose a direction and make my Publish0x profile more consistent, as I did with Instagram and Youtube. And that direction was easy to chose, as it's what I decided for my Buy Me A Coffee and, eventually, my Youtube channel: sharing tips and tricks for creators on a budget. 

That being said, my main blog will now be: Content For Creators. On there, I will share all the tips, tricks, tools and resources I've been using or I discover in journey as a creator and a freelancer. Anything and everything that makes my life easier, be it for client work or my own photography or videography projects, as well as tutorials, lessons, marketing strategies and experience feedback will be posted there, and it will become my main blog, on which I intend to post the most content.

I then have the My Work blog, on which I will occasionally post videos and photos I share on my Youtube and Instagram, not so much in an educational way but simply as self-promotion.

Finally, Pierre's Miscellaneous Corner will contain everything else, and will, from now on, contain less and less content. It now holds everything I wrote in the past regarding finance, crypto, sports, space and so on, all the finance articles and all the unclassified. I leave this door open should I want to write something on a different topic someday, but the biggest chunk of my content will now be focused on creating and helping creators. My Road To Financial Security posts (documenting my journey to diversifying my income and achieving financial freedom) will be either in that blog or in the Content For Creators blog, depending on what the actual post is about (if it's just about sharing something I did, it's Misc, if it's sharing how I did something and why, then it's C4C).

Even though writing about crypto and finance is the most lucrative thing you can do on Publish0x, I want to focus on what matters more to me, which is helping creators make amazing things in the cheapest way possible, rather than trying too hard to write about crypto just for a few more views and cents on each post.

As I stated in previous articles, this is also important to build a consistent following of people in a specific niche, which is key to later monetize online activities within that niche (like selling digital products, courses and whatnot).

Now I just need to finish revamping my website and my rebranding will be complete, I will know what to focus on, what content to create and have clean ways to advertise said content.



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