Eating at least 30 Different Plants every Week

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 10 Jan 2022

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I reached more than 30 different plants again this week but my diet can still be much better.

Monday: 16

  • Breakfast: grapes
  • Lunch: black tea, wheat (bread), lettuce, tomato
  • Dinner: wheat (bread), lettuce, carrot, green olives, pickle, bell pepper
  • Snack: grapes, strawberry, banana, tea, chili pepper, green peas, corn, peanut, apple

Tuesday: 7

  • Breakfast: /
  • Lunch: tea, zucchini, leek, carrot, bell pepper, onion
  • Dinner: chicory, potato
  • Snack: green peas, peanut, corn, banana, tangerine, tea, coffee

Wednesday: 1

  • Breakfast: coffee
  • Lunch: wheat (bread)
  • Dinner: onion, bell pepper, zucchini, carrot, mushroom, tomato
  • Snack: banana, tangerine, tea, coffee, corn,

Thursday: 3

  • Breakfast: coffee
  • Lunch: wheat (bread), banana
  • Dinner: chicory, broccoli, potato
  • Snack: brazil nuts, orange, tangerine, corn, coffee,

Friday: 4

  • Breakfast: /
  • Lunch: white rice, seaweed, cucumber
  • Dinner: potato, onion
  • Snack: white rice, cucumber, seaweed, corn, wasabi (horseradish), coffee, orange, tangerine

Saturday: 5

  • Breakfast: /
  • Lunch: tomato, garlic, pomegranate
  • Dinner: green beans, potato, onion
  • Snack: grapes, pomegranate, corn, apple, coffee, tea, brazil nuts, green kiwifruit, persimmon

Sunday: 2

  • Breakfast: /
  • Lunch: coffee, wheat (bread), mustard seeds
  • Dinner: lettuce, bell pepper, carrot
  • Snack: coffee, blueberries, apple, tangerine, peanut, brazil nuts, tea


Total plant count: 38

Potatoes and bread were still the main ingredients of my diet this week but I managed to eat a decent amount of different plants. Also picked up the many fruits again as a good snack. On Thursday I ate a weird combination of chicory and broccoli but I loved it. Not really a big broccoli eater but have to include this more often in my eating habits because it is better than I think it will be every time. I’m making myself more snack platters with different kinds of fruits and nuts but I did not have a lot of different things at home. Next week I will buy a lot of different nuts and fruits I normally don’t eat to make sure I reach a big number of different plants. Maybe I can really go for the 50 types of plants this time hahaha.


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