Top 3 NON KYC Exchanges

By Permabull | Permabull | 15 Jul 2020

This is a list of my personal top three exchanges and their limits:

1) Bybit -

Based in Singapore, Bybit doesn’t require KYC, although US and residents of a few other countries are excluded from trading. Here's the NO-NO list: United States, Singapore, Quebec (Canada), Iran, Cuba, Crimea, Syria, North Korea, Sudan & Sevastopol. Everyone else is welcome.


2) Nominex -

Pretty low fees and fast trading, that's the reason why the exchange made it to this really short list. Based in Seychelles, not many governments can push them around with their requirements. Without KYC you can withdraw up to 3BTC per day.

Link to the limits:


3) Kraken -

Everyone loves Kraken! This exchange is the one I use the most although their limits are much smaller - 5K USD per day without any KYC. I can live with that.

Link to their limits:



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