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Canada subjects cryptocurrency exchanges to the Securities law, all platforms will have to comply

1 week ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.25 tipped

The Canadian authority has published new guidelines to regulate the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges, thus making them fall under the umbrella of the law that regulates securities; the new directives, published yesterday, specify that regardless...

5 Tipps for Crypto Newbies:

1 week ago 3 minute read Mr. Sloth $0.23 tipped

In this article I want to give five tips for people who are new in the crypto space. These tips are based on my personal experience and are maybe biased but I will hope, they help you to start out in the crypto scene. Don´t expect a deep technical ex...

How to buy Ethereum (ETH) on MyCointainer with Bitcoin (BTC)

1 week ago 2 minute read ChrissCrypto $0.26 tipped

MyCointainer goes beyond your ultimate automated Proof of Stake and Masternode coin staking platform, as it also serves as a gateway for everyone to buy Bitcoin with Fiat money (EUR, USD, YEN...) or exchange Bitcoin to a variety of available altcoins...

Binance coming back to Japan?

1 week ago 1 minute read glastar $0.04 tipped

Binance, known as the largest crypto exchange, started discussion with "Z Holdings", the major Japanese IT company aka Yahoo Japan, to negotiate for a strategic partnership with "Z Corporation"(subsidiary of Z Holdings) and "TaoTao", Japan based cryp...


1 week ago 2 minute read Otek $0.15 tipped

Hi I would like to introduce You a list of TOP 10 CRYPTO EXCHANGES on January 2020 (according to They rank is a little bit different that other ranks (they don't just measure number of users or transactions). More inf...

Reasons to never use your exchange as a wallet

1 week ago 2 minute read X-51 $0.38 tipped

Crypto beginners, and intermediates who haven't learned this yet, you absolutely need to hear this.   I see a lot of people, both here and other places I lurk, talking about how great their exchanges like, Uphold, etc. are for also being...

What is Kucoin? Exchange short review

3 Dec 2019 2 minute read Roberto D. $0.04 tipped

One of the increasingly successful Exchange in the world of cryptocurrencies is Kucoin, whose registered office is located in Hong Kong. KuCoin operates on a "cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency" basis and does not support FIAT coins. Let's discover the...

3 Easy Ways to Convert Steem to Naira

4 Oct 2019 2 minute read belemo $0.07 tipped

Cryptocurrency, blockchain and similar means of earning remains one of the best to earn for myself and a lot of Nigerians. It is free from the corruption that has plagued the country for a long time. The only problem is that in terms of mass adoption...

Lend and borrow Bitcoin

1 week ago 1 minute read Nengi $0.00 tipped

One of the world biggest and stable exchange have started the lending and borrowing on their website. Just the winning team and make beautiful use of this opportunity. Join kucoin now click Here