Top 7 Freelancing websites paying in crypto

By Permabull | Permabull | 10 Jul 2020

Hire Bid - Instead of a race to the bottom (in terms of service and price) with professionals bidding low to win a gig, clients bid on the available time blocks of professionals - and our unique ratings system encourages superior performance.


Crypto Grind - Reminds me of Guru, quite a few new jobs daily. Register & choose if you are going to be a freelancer or an employer and then you will be able to buy or sell services. 

Remote OK - If you're a software developer, this site is made for you. Plenty (50-ish) of software related gigs added daily. Free to join, free to apply and get paid. Unfortunately in fiat, rather than crypto. Although I had a gig, paid in BTC a few months ago.

Crypto Jobs List - Awesome search engine of crypto related jobs around the globe. A must for any crypto enthusiastic. Easy to apply and I like the feature where people can recommend you for the job. My flatmate got a job he applied for and had several recommendations so I think that did and impact on his application.

Working for Bitcoins - Not many gigs but if you register, you might get picked for a project. Had a few offers in the past.

Bounty0x - Bounty0x is a trust-less bounty hunting network enabling anyone to post bounty campaigns, Bounty Hunters to complete bounty tasks and Bounty Sheriffs to review submissions made by bounty hunters. Powered by the BNTY token and Ethereum. 

Microlancer - Awesome website, full of micro tasks, using Lightning Network.



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Saw crypto as a way to make some cash, a get rich quick scheme. Learned about the tech and will stay in forever. Watching the GOV spending in 2020 made me realise how fiat is controlled way too much and becoming worthless be a minute. Bitcoin for the WIN!


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