The 8 Bitcoin documentaries, everyone should watch at least once.

By Permabull | Permabull | 4 Jul 2020

When I first dived into the Cryptocurecy world it was pretty difficult to find good resources. Over the time I came across some really great documentaries that every crypto user should watch at least once. Hope you have plenty of popcorn and about six hours spare. Without any further due here they come.

1) The Blockchain and Us (2017)

A film by Manuel Stagars About 30 minutes long.


2) "Trust Disrupted. Bitcoin and The Blockchain" - TechCrunch Documentary (2016)

This TechCrunch Documentary traces the rise of Bitcoin and the technology that made it happen: the open, distributed ledger known as The Blockchain. This is actually a compilation of six shorter video clips.  Short of 45 minutes.


3) Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary (2018)

Impressive beginning with Milton Friedman... 35 minutes long.


4) Banking On Bitcoin (2016)

Excellent documentary about the beginnings of bitcoin and how it evolved to be what it is today. The film was directed by Christopher Cannucciari. Also known as Evolution of Bitcoin. You'll need a bit over 80 minutes.


5) Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2016)

Created by Tim Delmastro, The documentary is just under one hour long.


6) 10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game (2019)

Awesome video, get pumped for full 45 minutes!


7) The Trust Machine (2018)

Overview of the key insights behind Bitcoin. Covers the history of money, value, gold, blockchain & proof of work. Very good Bitcoin intro, only 25 minutes short.


8) But how does bitcoin actually work? (2017)

Really good explanation what miners do, what block-chain actually means and the overall maths behind Bitcoin. Less than 30 minutes long.


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Saw crypto as a way to make some cash, a get rich quick scheme. Learned about the tech and will stay in forever. Watching the GOV spending in 2020 made me realise how fiat is controlled way too much and becoming worthless be a minute. Bitcoin for the WIN!


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