Short cryptonews for this week 17/52 (2022)

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 30 Apr 2022

- The Bitcoin network hashrate and mining difficulty both reached new all-time highs ( In the same time according to the Bitcoin Mining Council, BTC mining accounts for 0.16% of global electricity consumption, and it emits only 0.09% of carbon emissions.

- For those who don't know it yet, the richest man in the world bought Twitter for $44 billion. Its objective is simple: To promote freedom of expression. And democratize crypto assets ?

- An Ethereum movie based on The Infinite Machine book will be produced by Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Alien, Blade Runner).

- Edward Snowden claims to be one of the founders of the anonymous crypto Zcash.

- The Tron blockchain will see an algorithmic stablecoin in the name of USDD arrive on its network by May 5, 2022. The USDD will use the same arbitration system as the UST of the Terra (Luna) blockchain and will be supported by a store of value of about $10 billion.

- Coinbase has launched a Visa bank card with 4% cashback, intended for American citizens (see other exchange Visa card here).

- Binance will launch a crypto card specially dedicated to Ukrainian refugees. The latter will receive 75 BUSD per month for 3 months. (Cointribune)

- In Afghanistan, many people buy cryptocurrencies in hopes of preserving their wealth and keeping it out of reach of the Taliban. (Fortune)

- 60% of the citizens of El Salvador who downloaded the national wallet deleted it after using the $30 in BTC offered. (Coindesk)

- The Central African Republic has become the first country in Africa and the second in the world (after El Salvador) to adopt bitcoin as legal tender when the bill was passed unanimously in the National Assembly. (Forbes)

- A bill allowing residents of Panama to use cryptocurrencies as means of payment has been passed by a large majority of the Legislative Assembly. (Watcher Guru)


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