My best of ecosystem : TERRA ($LUNA)

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 10 Jan 2022

TERRA ($LUNA) PoS ecosystem was launched in 2019 (Genesis Block  : April 24th, 2019)

Gas Token : $LUNA, $UST (Stablecoin) from US$0.01 to US$1.30 depends on the transaction

Wallets* : Terra Station (Chrome extension and Smartphone), Keplr, Ledger

Bridge : TerraBridge, Wormhole, ( withdraw on Terra ecosystem with Binance ), ...

Blockchain explorer : Extraterrestrial

Swap : Terraswap, Coinhall, ...

Lending : Anchor, ...

Launchpad : Pylon, ...

Yield Optimiser : Loop, Apollo, ...

Liquid staking : Lido ($bLUNA)

Airdrop alert (*for stakers who delegate token)  : Terra Analytics , TerraDrops , (January is a charging period for $LUNA in Supercharger)

More information and protocols about TERRA ecosystem : Terra Docs 

NB: This is non-exhaustive overview of the ecosystem and subject to change, it's my point of view and not investment advise.

Other ecosystemElrond ($EGLD), BNB Chain (ex-BSC) ($BNB), Cosmos ($ATOM), Cardano ($ADA), Optimism, Arbitrum

Referral bonus (earn 10€, when start with 100 €) :  Another way to stake in one centralized platform for beginners is to manage your token with  Feel-Mining

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