4 cashback crypto debit VISA cards

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 21 Jan 2021


My last review between Binance and Crypto. com cashback debit card here has changed in terms of cashback %, so it's important to note that the information in this post could change without notice from the platform provider. This is to say that the choice depends on your investment plan you have with the platform (for instance DCA see my post here ). Anyway you need to be careful with your choice; my point of view is , don't put your crypto in only one place and store your crypto in a cold wallet if you reach what is a lots of money for you.

All of them are debit and VISA card 

1- BINANCE (December 2020 for Europe) : cashback up to 8%, if you lock 6 000 BNB for 30 days ) 


2- CRYPTO. COM (Europe and Canada 2020) : cashback up to 8%, if you lock 5 000 000 CRO for 6 months )


3 - BITPANDA (pre-ordening for Europe 2021 ) : cashback up to 2%, if you have 500 000 BEST in your account



Note that the fact to lock an amount of BNB ( Binance), CRO (Crypto .com) or BEST (Bitpanda) allow some cashback % but not only , there are some more advantages not covered here in this post.



4 - COINBASE (waiting list 2021) : cashback up to 4% 



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