DCA with Coinbase , Cryptocom and Bitpanda

Top 3 platforms to start buying crypto with Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 20 Jan 2021

Here is my experience to start buying crypto with a smooth technique called "Dollar Cost Averaging" (DCA) i.e. how to smooth your long term investment in crypto-currencies (choose your frequency, your amount and how to buy) : 

1 - COINBASE : the option is "Invest over time", to buy all crypto, availlable in Coinbase platform, everyday, week, month or 1st and 15th of the month, buy with credit/ debit card linked to your account (fee : 1.49 to 3.99 % depends on the country and amount ) linked to your account.

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My point of view : Coinbase is a good plateform for beginners with an active program to earn crypto while learning and in 2021 should be the first platform listed on the stock exchange (in progress at SEC). 

Coinbase Referral Program : Earn $10 to create your account HERE , in addition find some invitations to "Earn crypto while learning about crypto" : BAND, Compound COMP and Stellar Lumens XLM 


2 - CRYPTO.COM the option is "Recurring Buy", "setup crypto purchases weekly, bi-weekly or monthly", you can pay with credit/ debit card ( fee: 1.49 to 3,99%) , crypto wallet or Fiat wallet from the platform.

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My point of view : Cryptocom is a complete offer : own CRO token,  crypto & fiat wallet, exchange and earning program ( supercharger, lending) and Visa card with cashback 

Cryptocom Referral Program : Earn $25 in CRO  HERE to create your account here (BG25 Referral Program)


3 - BITPANDA (only for Europe) the option is a "Savings plan", Daily , Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly (Day and time) and you can order with a credit/debit card (fees : 1,5%) or SEPA transfert for €uros  (free)

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My point of view : Bitpanda has AML5 standard for Europe (and AMF standard for France). If you don't know which cryptocurrencies bought you can try the Bitpanda indices BCI (5, 10 or 25 crypto), up to date monthly, which allow you to hold BTC together with other crypto in order to optimize your long term profit. Another way is to buy metals ( Gold , Silver, Platinum or Palladium) 

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Bitpanda Referral Program  : Earn €10 inviting program HERE


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