Binance card cashback up to 7% and Crypto strikes back with 8% and ...

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 16 Sep 2020


Now, in EUrope,  the "cashback" on the Binance card is known and your percentage depends on the number of stacked BNBs you own. Here is a comparison between Binance and Crypto (CDC) cards and the $US value of BNBs and CROs (because MCOs are no longer active) that you must have to access to the different levels of cashback reduced to $US . The big difference between the two systems is that CROs must be blocked for 6 months while for BNBs you can activate the upper level after 30 days and is not blocked and can be in any account or "wallets" it ie "spot wallet" or "flexible saving" for example on the other hand the rates are less interesting than Crypto and you are not reimburse from Netfix, spotify , etc ..  but on Binance this gives right to the distribution of other tokens like the BEL and the WING.


NB: On Binance the crypto available for the moment on the account of the card are BNB, BUSD, SXP (Binance has bought Swipe) and BTC.
NB2 : Binance card is still a virtual card while waiting the real card but it can be used with the Curve card 

More infos about the Binance card here 

UPDATE 1 : September 17, 2020



UPDATE 2 : September 19, 2020, the competition continues and the new announcement of Binance is now up to 8%  cashback if you can stack more than $160 000.


to be continued ....

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