How to Withdraw AMPL From Publish0x to Popular DeFi Wallets (Guide)

By Yaz Sheikh | Trading Blog | 1 Dec 2020

Ampleforth, one of the most interesting DeFi tokens, was recently integrated into the Publish0x tipping system - allowing you to have a 47% chance of getting tipped in $AMPL whether you read or write content. 

AMPL rebases its supply every 24 hours, effectively changing the total supply of $AMPL across all the wallets. However, it is important to note that you will only experience the rebase whilst holding AMPL on a verified exchange or a regular ERC-20 wallet - you will not get rebases on the Publish0x wallet.

In this guide, I will show you how to prepare for Publish0x payouts so you can withdraw your $AMPLs safely and expose yourself to rebases. 

How to withdraw from Publish0x  

Before you can enjoy your $AMPLs, you will need to enter the receiving address on your profile for where you would like your funds to be sent.

First, head over to your Dashboard.

From there, you need to access your payments screen;


This will bring up the following dashboard to display all of the tokens you can receive tips in;


NOTE: I would like to point out that any tips earned by Publish0x team members are sent straight back into the pool of tokens for you guys to earn.

To start receiving the withdrawals, we need to add a receiving address to our profile. Hit “Add Address” in the AMPL section;


This will bring up the section for you to enter your AMPL receiving address. It is important to note that, according to the Publish0x guidelines, you should always avoid using your centralized exchange addresses as withdrawal addresses. Additionally, for the ERC-20 newcomers, the address you enter here might look exactly the same as the address you use to accept ETH/LRC/BAT or any other ERC-20 based token.

Don’t worry, I will cover how to find your ERC-20 token address in the following section on a selection of wallets. Once we have that address, this is the location you would want to paste it into;


Getting Your Own AMPL Address  

In this section, I will discuss how you can get the right AMPL address so you can use it to paste into the AMPL field as shown above. I won’t be showing you how to create a wallet from scratch in this guide, but I will provide some solid resources if you have absolutely no idea where to begin. 


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a very solid and reputable open-source Ethereum wallet. This web-based wallet has been around since early 2015 and is one of the first-ever web-wallets to go live for Ethereum users.

If you need help setting up a MEW wallet, take a look at this great guide.

After setting up your MyEtherWallet properly, you should be able to see this dashboard. 


Finding the right address to receive your $AMPL on MEW (or any other ERC-20 token - including ETH), is very simple. It is conveniently located in the first panel on your dashboard;


Simply, copy and paste this address into your Publish0x profile (as shown in the last section) and you are good to go.


MetaMask is a bridge wallet that allows users to easily connect to any DeFi Web3 application. It is a wallet that allows users to interact with smart contracts and take part in the entire Defi dApp ecosystem. Launched in 2016, MetaMask is one of the leading wallet bridges that people use when interacting with DeFi platforms.

If you don’t have a MetaMask already set up, take a look at this guide to install it and create your first wallet.

Once you have MetaMask installed, the first thing you will need to do is add AMPL as a custom token. As there are thousands of ERC-20 assets, MetaMask would struggle to make every single asset available upon launching. If you find an ERC-20 token that is not already on their list, you have to add it yourself as a custom token.

To do this, call up your MetaMask from your browser's top bar and hit “Add Token”;


As mentioned, AMPL is not on the MetaMask list, so it needs to be added as a Custom Token. Select the “Custom Token” tab;


This will bring up the following window;


Here, we need to enter the Token Contract Address for AMPL. Once this has been entered, MetaMask will automatically pull the “Token Symbol” and “Decimals of Precision” details for you.

The Token Contract Address for AMPL is the following;


This is what you will need to paste into the “Token Contract Address” field.

Before we do that, I feel it is important for you to understand how to find this contract address. Although you can trust me, you really shouldn’t. I could provide you with any Token Contract Address and it might not be the correct address. 

You need to MAKE SURE that this is the correct Token Contract Address for any type of ERC-20 you would like to add.

One resource to find this address is by looking at the Ampleforth profile on CoinGecko;


Although CoinGecko is highly reputable - they could even get it wrong themselves.

The best method to find the correct token address is by looking at the token contract on a blockchain explorer such as Simply type, “Ampleforth” into the search field to bring up its profile;


After clicking the Ampleforth search result you will be able to locate the correct Token Contract Address here;


As you can see, the Token Contract Address I provided is identical to the one shown on Etherscan. You can now be sure that you have the correct ERC-20 token contract address.

Next, we simply need to paste this into the Token Contract Address field on MetaMask;


As you can see, after pasting in the Token Contract Address, MetaMask will recognize it as the AMPL token and will fill in the other fields for you.

After it has been added, you should see it on your list of tokens in MetaMask;


Now, you just need to find your ERC-20 address to paste into your Publish0x profile field that was shown in the previous section above. You can easily find this by calling upon your MetaMask dashboard and look in this location;


When you click this, it will automatically copy your ERC-20 address to your clipboard. You would then just need to paste this in the relevant section on Publish0x as previously described.

MyCrypto Wallet 

MyCrypto Wallet is what is recommended by Publish0x to use. This wallet application allows you to manage all of your Ethereum-based tokens safely in one location.

If you need help setting up a crypto wallet on MyCrypto, take a look at this guide after you have downloaded the application.

After installing the application and accessing your wallet, you should see the following dashboard;


The address that you need is located where it says “Account Address”. This is what you will copy and paste into the Publish0x field as described above;


That’s it. As a quick reminder, once you have decided on which wallet you would like to receive your funds to and copied the address, simply paste it into the relevant field on Publish0x and hit “save”;


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