Publish0x User Account Reference Guide

Publish0x User Account Reference Guide

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 9 Sep 2020

Publish0x User Account Reference Guide

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Publish0x Publishing Platform

Publish0x is a crypto agnostic online publishing platform that rewards readers and authors for both reading and writing articles.  The platform provides an exponentially increasing storehouse of published articles of diverse categories for anyone connected to the internet.

Publish0x is not attempting to become a socially driven network like its competitors and currently towers above other platforms dependent on in-house tokens and coins.  Readers and writers both profit at Publish0x making it a unique publishing platform. 

Payouts are currently made in Ethereum, AMPL or BAT.  There are no plans for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or need to create a new token at Publish0x.

Platform members can earn crypto simply by reading and tipping the articles published by other members.  Articles are generally tipped according to popularity on the platform.  Users are able to follow their favorite authors and tip them using one of the 7 daily tips allotted to each member.

Users can quickly find articles to read by searching, selecting categories or checking their notifications.

All users can browse through the many available categories to find reading material or simply visit NEW or Popular in the convenient browser menus of their desktop or mobile browsers.

  • Earning Crypto On Publish0X

    Reading Articles

    Anyone can signup to be a member and make a little crypto just for reading articles.  Being an author is covered in the next section.

    If you are not registered with Publish0x then you can follow this link to register.

    Earning crypto for reading an article can only happen by tipping the article the user has read.

    Tips are fully covered by Publish0x.  The person reading the articles does not supply their own crypto for tips.

    There is no magical process that scans your eyes to determines if an article is read or sensors to gauge a proposed tip.

    Each post comes complete with a tipper located immediately beneath the article that can be varied by the user.  Tips should be made proportional to the value of the content. Articles of quality content ideally deserve a greater tips than those of lesser value.

    The first 2 tips of the day are slightly higher than the remaining five and is paid out in a randomly selected token of either Ethereum, AMPL or BAT.
    The full tip of any given token is roughly equivalent to $0.01 USD although the first tip of the day is slightly more.

    A reader can choose to vary a tip between a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 100%.

Minimum Tip - A tip to other members can be no less than 20%

Minimum Tip

Default Tip - The default suggested tip is 80%

Default Tip

Maximum Tip - You can give the full tip to a deserving post.

Max Tip

You can read more detailed info about tipping in an article here - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tipping on Publish0x.

  • Publishing Articles 

    Although everyone can earn a profit by reading the posts of other members, only selected applicants will be allowed to publish articles on Publish0x.  Applications are easy to fill out at Become and only take a minute.  Successful applicants subsequently receive a welcome email with instructions on how to proceed further as a new writer.

    Earning crypto by publishing articles for other members to read is also possible. Users must successfully complete an authorship application and be accepted to become an author on the platform.  Applications are usually processed within a few days but can take longer depending on workload.

    Only applicants that have been accepted are contacted.  Any applications pending longer than a few days have most likely been rejected.

    Not all applications that we receive and check can be accepted at Publish0x for various reasons.  We reserve the right to determine which applicants qualify for authorship status.

    Applicants that are rejected may re-apply for authorship by submitting a sample of writing to the support team at [email protected] for reconsideration.

    Visit the Affiliate Stats link in your dashboard to learn more about earning using Publish0x affiliate links.

Affiliate Earnings

  • Being an ambassador for Publish0x is another way to earn a passive income with a minimum of effort. Receiving 5% of all tips means that you only need 20 referrals to roughly equal the revenue of one basic account.

    Visit the Affiliate Stats link in your dashboard to learn more about earning using Publish0x affiliate links.

User Dashboard

Logging into a Publish0x user account gives members access to a dashboard that is necessary to maintain member information, payment specifics and blogs.

Each member can create 4 different blogs.  Each blog may contain any number of blog posts also called articles.  A blog is not a blog post.

Each blog post must be appended to a previously created blog before publishing.

Users should ensure they have all necessary information for their account by visiting and checking Settings.

Publish0x sends payments directly to the wallets of members.  Member wallets can be configured in the wallet settings directly accessible also via the dashboard.

Next payment date and frequency of payouts is readily available in the settings dashboard.

Recommendations regarding wallets are available on the wallet settings page and should be followed for best results.

Keep in mind that any capable wallet that gives you full control and access to your account is sufficient.  Using an exchange to withdraw Publish0x earnings is not recommended.

You are ultimately responsible to research your choice of withdrawal method.  It is vitally important to ensure the wallet addresses for all withdrawals are correct and capable of handling the token or coin being withdrawn. 

My personal favourite software wallets are Exodus and Trust. The hardware wallets I primarily use are KeepKey and Trezor.

Writing Tips And Tricks

There are numerous factors that contribute to the overall success of a published article.  The resulting visibility and popularity of a post on a publishing platform is not something that a single formula can guarantee for all authors in every situation.

The writing styles and techniques of popular authors vary greatly and offer no set of blueprints that new authors can or should follow.

Read Publishing Popular Quality Content On Publish0x Tutorial for help with improving the quality of published articles.

Rules And Regulations For Authors

Authors are free to write about whatever they like but should strive to publish quality content to get maximum exposure on the platform.  Referral links are allowed but should be kept to a minimum and be a very small portion of an article.

Tags should sufficiently match the topics in an article.  Adding irrelevant tags is an abuse of the tagging system and is not appreciated by other platform users.  Using tags incorrectly to lure unsuspecting readers may result in having the ability to set tags removed.

Users may only have one account.  Situations where an internet connection is shared must be declared and approved by Publish0x.  Any unauthorised infraction of the rules involving multiple accounts will result in account termination.

All published content must be original and not plagiarised.  Plagiarism is not tolerated at Publish0x and will result in loss of authorship privileges and banned articles.  Any revenue lost due to plagiarism will be forfeited completely.

Authors may re-post their own work or post the work of another author as long as there is explicit permission.  Onus is on the author to prove that any article in question is legitimate.

Each user can post a maximum 5 articles per day within a 24 hour period.

Comments to user posts should not be used for self-promotion and be kept to a minimum.  The daily maximum amount of comments is 20.  Inability to comment indicates the daily maximum is reached and should not followed by sending an email to support.

Comment spam is also not tolerated on the platform.  Repeat offenders of may be permanently muted and prevented from adding comments to user posts.

Begging for tips in articles or comments is not acceptable on the platform and may be grounds for removal.

Final Thoughts

We do not use the Troll-Trace program but do have many methods of detecting trolls, spam and scams.

There is always a good reason accounts have been banned although mistakes may occasionally occur.

Users caught scamming the system have virtually no chance of a resolution in their favour.  Getting caught doesn't mean you are automatically welcomed back to try again after a specific period of time.

Scammers hurt everyone on the platform and are not welcome.

Accounts that are identified as wrongfully banned due to error are generally re-instated.  The support team is more than willing to resolve account issues.

Authorship on the platform is a privilege and not a right.  Publish0x reserves the right to remove authorship from members that are found to be hurting the platform.

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