Brave browser: Best browser for crypto, privacy and rewards!

Brave browser: Best browser for crypto, privacy and rewards!

By kraniax | online crypto earning | 29 Apr 2021

Brave is a free and open-source browser built on top of the Chromium technology, currently with 8 million active users and 1 million verified content creators!

Over the past year, Brave has doubled its user count to 25 million! So, what is so special about this browser that everyone has been talking about?

Well, because it's an fast, respects your privacy, blocks all the ads (even the annoying as f*** YouTube ads!) without having to install any extra extensions or anything of that sort, blocks the annoying trackers (right now it's blocking 6 trackers on publish0x lol), and to top it all, it rewards users for viewing privacy respectful ads! 

I used Firefox before switching to Brave and I usually needed the dev tools of chromium tech since I do some web development here and there, so I had to switch constantly from Firefox to Chrome, most of the times running both; Chrome for the dev-tools and web dev. stuff, while using Firefox for everything else, well because I don't trust Chrome and Google.

I only installed brave after I found out that it rewarded it's users with crypto! and well, who doesn't want free crypto? I started using it for a while and then when I found out it was built on top of chromium, so it provided the features/extensions of chrome while providing the privacy of Firefox since it's co-founded by Brendan Eich ex CEO of Mozilla and creator of JavaScript! after realizing all the features, I never went back to using Chrome or Firefox. I got everything I needed in a browser with Brave.

How? Well, since Brave blocks all the ads around the internet and the websites you visit, instead you can opt-in to view ads in the brave rewards settings and you will be rewarded with BAT (Basic Attention Token) for every ad you see. In countries like the US and UK, you can earn up to $60-$100 by doing what you've always done, surf around the internet, most of the time, for no reason other than because you have nothing else to do. 

But that raises the question how are gonna content creators benefit from this? Well, they can link their channels/profiles to their account as a content creator and the users can donate their hard earned BAT to them right from the browser! To sum it all up, I'm gonna post a few screenshots of how much Brave has helped me.


Another screenshot by a Redditor who uses Brave:


Most importantly, you need to get brave so you can watch p*** and get paid for j***ing o**. 

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online crypto earning

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