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Alien Worlds 101: How to start and earn your first $

By kraniax | online crypto earning | 2 May 2021

I recently started playing Alien Worlds and I mentioned it on my previous post, a few people on reddit asked me to write about Alien Worlds and I also wanted to share my own experience on how to play the game, because when I started the game it was really confusing for me and I didn't know what to do, so that's why I decided to write a tutorial about the basics and share the little knowledge I have about it. 

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First question. What is Alien Worlds? With over a million players, Alien Worlds is a defi NFT metaverse where you can mine and play with unique digital assets/NFTs. All the NFT assets in the Alien Worlds is minted on the wax blockchain. 

In simple words, you use different tools to mine TLM and NFTs on different planets and lands on Alien Worlds. 

So, how to start?

Just go to or click here. You'll be greeted with this screen: 



Click on login and you'll be redirected to wax wallet login page: 


You can create an account or simply login using one of your social accounts. 

You created your Alien Worlds account and now what happens? Well, for starters when you create a new account, you get a shovel to start mining TLM with. What is TLM? TLM is the in-game currency and it's a crypto, currently while I'm writing, 1 TLM is worth 0.5$. You can buy more tools or you could eventually mine tools (which are also NFTs) by mining but mining with a single shovel for NFTs is very very inefficient so it's better to save mine and save TLM so you can buy better tools in order to mine more TLM and more NFTs so it's gonna take you a while before you're making good money. 

So, you understand the basic concepts now, where to start? 


On this screen, click on mine and you can start mining your first TLM, you might be asked where to mine. All the lands on Alien Worlds are owned by people as NFTs and lands have their own specialties, some are good for TLM, some are good for NFTs, some are good for both but the mining sessions are too long and are only good for people who have less time to mine and better tools. So, at first mine wherever you want, we will get back later to what kind of place is better to mine. Congrats, you've earned your first $! You can just stop here but you can keep going in order to earn more!

After you've mined a few sessions, you can easily earn enough TLM to exchange it into Wax and buy a couple of shovels on the Atomic Hub marketplace and mine TLM faster. After you've earned a couple of TLM go to this link and on the top right corner, click on connect wallet and then scroll down to exchange your TLM to Wax. 


Choose the amount of TLM you want to sell and sell it to Wax. 

After you're done with this, head over to this page and look for the cheapest shovel you can find and buy it with your wax, buy 2 since you have space for 3 tools in your bag and you already have 1 shovel, now equipping the same items in your bag in Alien Worlds is a bit tricky so you're still not done and have to do a few more things in order to get stuff going. Head over to this page and login with your wax wallet, afterwards on the top right corner you'll see your wax wallet address, click on it and then click on inventory; on the inventory find all the shovels, click on them and copy ID of each shovel separately.


After you're done copying all 3 IDs separately, head over to this link, select setbag from the 'Select Action' part if not already selected and scroll down to the part where it says 'Enter Data', on the account field, type your wax address, which can be found on the top left corner of your Alien Worlds game lobby or under the ID of your each item, and in the items field paste each one of your items' ID in the following pattern ["id#1","id#2","id#3"] and click on "Submit transaction", you'll be asked to confirm the transaction and after that you can head back to Alien Worlds, refresh the page and this time your mining rig will be updated with 3 shovels! and in no, time; you'll be able to earn up to 10-15 TLM a day!


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