Alien Worlds 101: Where to mine?

By kraniax | online crypto earning | 4 May 2021

On my previous post, I wrote about the basics of Alien Worlds and today we're gonna take one step forward and learn about different types of lands and tools in the Alien Worlds universe.

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In Alien Worlds, you need to mine in order to earn TLM or get NFT drops, there are different planets you can mine on and different types of lands on each planet to mine on. Each land is owned by different people and the owners can charge commission when you mine on their land. 

First things first, we have six different planets where you can mine on Alien Worlds, right now. Each planet has two specs you need to worry about, The planet mining pot and the fill rate. 

 The planet's current mining pot means the amount of TLM staked on the planet, at the moment and the fill rate shows how fast the TLM is refilled in seconds.


Here's a link showing the data on different planets, their current fill rate and total TLM staked, also some other useful information. 

Now getting back to different types of lands, choosing a land with lower commission is important because some land owners charge up to 25%, which would be very inefficient even if the other stats are better. There are 20 types of different types of lands in the game, each with their own attributes, and specs, Active Volcanoes have the highest TLM power and NFT Luck but the charge time is what makes the inefficient for mining. Here's a document by Vulpes, where the efficiency of each land is thoroughly explained so you could choose the land best suited for your taste by yourself, it also includes information about the attributes of Tools, and other info related to Alien Worlds. 

Here's another list of all lands available to mine on Alien Worlds, with their commission rates and other important attributes. 


Here's a piece of land where I usually mine for TLM, now you notice some different information about the land. Let's go through them.

Planet: The planet where the land is located on.

Co-ordinates: Location of the land on the planet.

Rarity: Rarity of the land.

Charge Time: Charge time is multiplied by total charge time of tools which in result means the total cooldown between mines. 

Proof of Work Reduction: Reduces the amount of work the CPU has to do while mining.

Trillium Mining Power: The mining power of TLM for the land, the higher the better.

NFT Luck: Your chances for getting NFT while mining.

On a side-note, even if lands have higher TLM mining power or NFT luck doesn't mean they're efficient for mining, because of the charge time which would make the cooldowns in-between the mining sessions too long. To sum it up, here's another image by nekogamer, which explains lands and tools attributes a bit further.


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