One Billion Satoshi - December Update

One Billion Satoshi - December Update

Hello fellows Satoshi collectors!


Let's start this off with the best possible wishes for 2021. With this incredible, ongoing Bitcoin bull run stacking sats have never been, ironically, so difficult. Nevertheless, I'll keep stacking in 2021 for sure!

December was dense and eventful, it's time for a quick review and an update on my 1 billion Satoshi goal. I was writing just a month ago for my November update that Bitcoin price had doubled since I actively started grind sats through crypto faucets. Well, barely a month later Bitcoin price has nearly tripled! In other words, even if I'm stacking about the same $ value every week/month, I'm stacking 3x slower now than I was 4 months ago. Crazy to think about it!

Regardless, I have nearly stacked 3,000,000 Satoshi as of December 31st.

dec barre

This "1 Billion Satoshi goal barre" is on a log scale, so it will feel like it's filling slower and slower.

Here is a summary of what happened in December.


100% Loyalty On All Faucets

That is certainly a goal for everyone starting their faucet journey. This is the easiest way to improve your faucets earnings without doing any special. All Cointiply faucet and Coinpot faucets (BTC Core, BCH, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash) have a loyalty program increasing your faucet earning by 100% after 100 consecutive days claiming. That is now done for all of these faucets.


This not a negligible increase but considering the Coinpot faucets are giving away 3x less than 4 months ago, that's a bummer. When I joined, the BonusBitcoin faucet was giving away 12 sats per claim, it's now only giving away 2 sats (as of today)!


Over 700,000 Token On Coinpot

Another milestone I'am aiming at is to reach Gold Reward level with my Coinpot account. I'm inching towards that goal a little bit more everyday. For once, the increase in value of Bitcoin and also all other cryptos make my conversions to Coinpot Tokens worth more and more every time.


I'm continuing doing a few Wannads surveys through Coinpot every week. With Bitcoin soaring and survey rewards remaining even, as far as I can tell, this is more and more my go to place for surveys. See bellow...


Big Holiday Rush On Cointiply, Then Shift Towards Satoshi-Paid Surveys on Coinpot

The 12 Days of Christmas special Cointiply setup in December was real gravy. It really boosted my earnings, finishing with a grand finale 2 weeks ago. Surveys through Theorem Reach and others went really well, and paid off big time with all bonuses accumulated. Coincidentally, at the end of the Christmas special and around Christmas time it became (and still is) harder to complete good-paying surveys on Cointiply. With no further incentive to actively complete offers and surveys on Cointiply, and with the value of a Satoshi increasing by the day, I turned more and more to Wannads survey via Coinpot faucets.


5 months ago, 5,000 Satoshi were about the equivalent of 5,000 points on Cointiply. Surveys paying 5,000 points on Cointiply were fairly easy to complete and when associated to other boosts and bonuses (Cointivity items, Chat Rain Pool, Special bonus, etc...) the incentive was clearly to maximize Cointiply offers. But now, with 5,000 Satoshi being worth 15,000+ Cointiply points, I'm not forcing Cointiply surveys anymore.


Monday Cointiply Giveaway To Continue In 2021

I had started them in November and I have continued my Monday Giveaways in December. This is a simple gesture to thank and give back to the crypto faucet community. I have donated 29,500 coins through the Cointiply Chat Rain Pool in December. First Monday Giveaway of the year is in 2 days! It will most likely be over 8,000 coins.


Thank you for reading, enjoy the ride and keep stacking! This is just the beginning!





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One Billion Satoshi
One Billion Satoshi

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