Completing The 204k Coins Reward Evony: The King's Return On Cointiply - Is It Worth It?

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Many of Cointiply featured offers propose you to earn a significant amount coins, 100k, 200k or even 800k. In most cases you'll have to download an app, create an account, and do one or more specific tasks. Among these offers are the "game" offers, usually asking something in the nature of "reach X level to earn coins". The reward ranges from 100k to 300k coins. You have probably seen such offers, they include games like King of Avalon, State of Survival, and Evony. Based on what I had read and heard, including on the Cointiply chat, these game offers take a long time to complete and may not be worth your time when compared to the hourly earning rate of completing surveys. In truth, I never gave these game offers a shot.


200k-300k coins is certainly a nice amount of coins. But the one question you have to ask yourself is how difficult and how long is it to complete such offers?

Surveys are my gold standard when it comes to earnings on Cointiply. Good day bad day, earning around 20,000-30,000 coins on average per hour completing surveys (not including item boosts) is my baseline for earnings. In other words, I would need to complete these games offers in about 10-15 hours to be worth doing rather than simply completing more surveys. On the flip side, being a game makes it more (much more) entertaining than filling out boring surveys.

By the look of the daily leaderboard, many Cointiply users complete these game offers every day as they end up also earning 20,400 Cointipoints ranking themselves in the process in or near the top 10 daily earners. I wanted to see for myself and remove any doubts, maybe I was missing on somthing after all. I decided to take on the Evony: The King's Return offer.


Evony: The King's Return

Evony TKR is like many of these games out there, including King of Avalon and State of Survival, where the game is all about building, gathering resources, training units and expanding your army/kingdom to the infinite. The game start solo but joining an alliance and collaborating with other players is critical to develop your kingdom at a much faster pace, which in turn will make you reach the offer objective faster.

Another important point for this offer, this is an Android only offer.


The conditions of the offer are standard and as follow:

  • New install/player only.
  • Upgrade a general's star to level 5.
  • Earn 204,000 coins

Simple enough on paper - this was not going to be about if I could reach that level but how fast and efficient could I make it.


Upgrading to 5-star General

Evony TKR is an incredibly rich and intricate game. Daily, there are hundreds of different things to do - click, loot, hunt, build, upgrade, train, learn, open, main quests, side quests, daily, weekly and monthly challenges. All of these contribute to the overall progress your Monarch and kingdom. Especially during the first few days you can easily spend hours playing the game, unlocking and claiming rewards left, right and center. There are many guides out there to help you out (here, here and here) covering the many facets of the game.

Focusing on the goal of this Cointiply offer, what do you need to do to upgrade one of your generals, any general, to 5 stars.


To upgrade stars of your generals you need 3 things: Gold, Medals and General levels. The trick is, gathering effectively these 3 resources will involve doing much more than just looking for gold, medals and EXP.

The generals come in different rarity, from common white to epic gold.  The rarity of a general determines how easy it is to find them and their potential skills. It also determines how expensive, in terms of gold and medals, it is upgrade stars. It is cheaper to upgrade a common general compared to an epic general. It costs less gold and medals. The level requirement however doesn't change.

With the above example, John Paul Jones - a purple legendary (just below epic tier) general, acquiring the first star only costs 800k gold, 35 medals and your general to be level 5. The 5th star requires 15M gold, 1700 medals and being level 22. Although it will cost much less gold and medals to reach 5 stars with a common general, there's no shortcut to reaching level 22. The level requirement is by far the biggest bottle neck, and this will be the case whether you go for a common or an epic general. I decided to start upgrading the star level of Spartacus, a legendary general offered to every new player after a few days in the game. Let's see how it went.


Farming Gold, Medals and Levels.

To put it simply, playing solo in Evony won't get you anywhere, you need to join an alliance to grow faster and benefit from playing with a larger, more experienced group of players. I quickly joined a small alliance to get familiar with the concepts of the game but switch after few days to the top alliance of my server. All alliances always have open slots so it is not difficult for an active player to join any alliance and start enjoying the many benefits of being around active, powerful players.


Most importantly, high level players can invite you to rally and kill powerful monsters - boss monster as are they are named. By joining along for the ride you'll be killing boss monsters way above your pedigree and enjoy rewards you could not have access playing solo or with a weak alliance. The rewards dropped by big bosses allow you to develop your kingdom, army, general and Monarch at a much faster pace. As mentioned before, increasing the level of your Monarch is key to upgrading your general levels.


Monarch and General Levels

The level you can reach with your generals is capped by the level of your Monarch. Even if you have enough EXP to level up your generals you just can't go higher than your Monarch level. To Reach level 22 for a general you need your Monarch to be level 22. Leveling up Monarch is a rather slow process that can mainly be achieved by killing monsters/bosses and through the Offering/Tribute (shrine building in your city).


Monarch EXP and Monarch levels are the one thing that will lag behind. Gold and medals will eventually come in abundance, enough to upgrade your general to 5 stars, but only if your general, and therefore Monarch, is level 22.



There are many different ways you can gather gold - monster rewards, quests, the Viking event, keep levies, etc... it starts slow but it will increase quickly, especially as you join an alliance and are able to defeat high level monsters during rallies and events.


Soon enough, and way before you reach level 22 with your Monarch and general, you'll have the ~10-12M gold required to upgrade to your 5th star.



Medals can be mostly and consistently earned by farming monster rewards. It may seems like a slow grind at first, but soon you'll have more medals than you'll need to upgrade to 5 stars. A few other rewards or possible purchases at the Black market for instance can yield a lot of medals at once if you needed them.


Just like gold, you will soon have enough medals to upgrade your general to 4 and 5 stars but will be waiting on your Monarch level.


4 Stars Were Enough!?

This was both an exciting and disappointing surprise. Soon after I upgraded Spartacus (the general you get early in the game and the general I chose to go with with) to 4 stars I saw a big jump in my Cointiply coins! What was that? Sure enough I just got rewarded 204,000 coins!


Well, I guess the offer was not accurate, upgrading to 4 stars was enough, no need to go to 5 stars!  While that seems like a positive thing, getting the reward earlier at an unexpected time made me "lose" a good chunk of extra coins. Here is why.

For once, I was going to get ready and put up my best consumable items right before upgrading my general to 5 stars. Being caught by surprise I could not get ready for this, I only had my permanent +12% boost from equippable items. I would have easily added 30% to that. That may seem silly but that's a non-negligible 61,000 coins lost! What a shame...

Secondly, I also somehow missed on extra coins from the top 10 daily leaderboard. From my experience with the eTorro big offer not so long ago, these kinds of offers work as it put me right in 1st place of the daily leaderboard with the eTorro offer. You may have noticed the timing here, I got the 204k coins reward about 18 minutes into a new Cointiply day. I know they were accounted for into that new day as I saw in my Cointivity profile in the "Boost Earning Today" box the extra ~24,000 coins corresponding to the +12% from my permanent boosts. But despite this I could not see myself near the top 10 earners of that day, my earnings that day never reflected the 204k coins reward. With a few additional surveys, I would have easily landed in the top 10. For no apparent reasons, I probably missed another 22k coins here as well.


Is The Time/Reward Ratio Worth It?

That's the big question. Sure 204k coins is a nice big reward but given the time needed to get there, was it worth it? Would have I been better off completing surveys or playing Evony? We know the value of the Evony TKR offer but just how many hours did it take me to get there?


I downloaded and started the game on July 18, and I upgraded my general to 4 stars on August 2, that's just about 15 days. I didn't track precisely my minutes/hours spent clicking stuff on Evony but I would estimate it to be around 2 hours per day, or a total of 30 hours to get to the 204k coins reward.

This being said, it was not always long hours straight playing the game, there were a lot of clicks here and there for only a few seconds of attention. So with that I would estimate that about only half of the time spent on Evony could have been replaced by completing surveys. In summary, it took me about 15 hours "equivalent survey" to complete the Evony TKR offer. 15 hours for 204,000 coins

In my experience and based on what I have said before, in 15 hours of surveys I can easily earn 300k-450k coins (20k-30k coins per hour on average). To put simply, I would have earned way more coins completing surveys, and given that I missed on using earning boosts the Evony TKR offer was not that great of a coins maker.

To be honest however, I enjoyed playing Evony, much more than completing surveys for sure. I actually kept playing the game a little bit as I enjoyed the alliance I was playing with. I will keep exploring the game a little bit more at least until I reach 5 stars for one of my general, just in case...


A New Evony Offer?

Soon after I completed this offer I saw the following one popping up on the featured offers section.


Another Evony TKR offer, this time around 331.5k coins to upgrade your general to 5 stars. Really? Although chances are low, that's part of the reason why I keep playing Evony, maybe I'll get more coins when I reach a 5 star general. But if you thought 240k coins to reach 4 stars was not that great of time/reward ratio, let me tell you that 331k coins for 5 stars is even worse.

I have been playing for 5 weeks now and I'm just about to hit 5 stars. Yes, it would take me 3 more weeks for that 5th star. For only 127k additional coins, it's clearly not worth your time compare to completing survey. But if you can time correctly your boost items, assuming this offer is correct this time, then it will still be an nice bag of coins to earn.


Anyway. Going through this Evony offer proved the point I was making so far without having really tested it - for the time you spend earning coins, completing these game offers is far less effective, but more enjoyable, than completing surveys. You choice - fun or money?

Thank you for reading!




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