Aragon Liquidity Program Starts Today

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 22 Jul 2020

On July 21, the Aragon (ANT) project announced that its ANT liquidity rewards program is live and will begin counting rewards from July 22 at 3 PM UTC, marking the project’s first step into liquidity rewards. Liquidity providers for the ANT-ETH pair will soon earn Uniswap's LP tokens, which can then be locked into Aragon's liquidity program to earn ANT rewards.

The team noted how the Uniswap exchange - one of the most popular DeFi platforms - is a popular gateway for ANT. The announcement also states that the rewards program will initially be available only on Uniswap, though it plans to make itself available on Balancer (BAL). The Aragon Court token ANJ and Aragon validator chain token ARA are also being considered for pools.

A healthy ANT requires deep liquidity pools. Excellent liquidity means that community members can enter larger ANT positions and do so with much smaller slippage. For many, Uniswap is the gateway to ANT and has consistently demonstrated itself as the most popular DEX for ANT community members to trade ANT.

Payouts will occur every month, with the amount being proportional to the balance of each wallet and the span of time it has been staked for.

Aragon is a network on which anyone can create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It has been backed by billionaire investor and cryptocurrency proponent Tim Draper. The project’s most famous application is the Aragon Court, a decentralized dispute resolution system.

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