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BTC 100K?

1 week ago Chmurka $0.07 (0.0723 DAI)

Hello Can Bitcoin Make $ 100,000 at All? A large number of cryptocenter fans believe that cryptoms could fly into the sky. And not only in adoption and use, but also in price. Therefore, when investing in them, they use different types of analysis (t...

Play and while you're mine with the adoraboos puzzle game

1 week ago derwin25 $0.06 (0.0556 DAI)

  If you were or are a lover of games like Candy Crush, this game is for you. As the title says this game incorporates the cryptomonedas mining, for this case the Jewelz Currency, users can Minar the cryptocurrency without their hardware overheating...

Arch crypton the breakthrough in the field of gaming

1 week ago Hoticolist $0.17 (0.1693 DAI)

Arch crypton is a token based on ERC-20 ethereum blockchain with Game Platforms, has new breakthrough in the field of gaming with cryptocurrency, prioritizes our product service for the world, provides an opportunity for everyone to earn money. Walle...

Entering to level 5 on Uptrennd makes me happy.

1 week ago cryptovato1 $0.09 (0.0873 DAI)

First I read about Uptrennd on Publish0x and I told myself, I will give it a chance. After I published an article and I saw there wasn't much result about it, so I forgot about it, a week later I saw aprox. 8 upvotes. Then I started to publish more a...


1 week ago Downward Spiral Mantra $0.09 (0.0862 DAI)

This tune is included in our 4th LP 'Black Raindrops' (2019). Hope you enjoy listening and if you wish to listen to the full album for free and more songs like this please follow the link below:  Support us by listening on the following platform(s)... : DECENTRALIZED GAMING PLATFORM BASED ON THE TRON.NETWORK BLOCKCHAIN

1 week ago Kentoeng $0.06 (0.0570 DAI)

  Nowdays, decentralized applications (Dapps) are becoming more and more popular due to their superior advantages over traditional applications, especially based on existing Blockchain platforms with crowded users. Dapps are decentralized application...

My Results From Using DClick After A Few Days

1 week ago duckmast3r $0.11 (0.1104 DAI)

I have been using DClick for a few days and now I can give somewhat of an update from this program. It's more of a program to monetize either your websites or Steemit posts. It's also based on Steem, I don't remember if it's Steem or SBD that they ca...


1 week ago Cjkalu $0.10 (0.0964 DAI)

    Crypto-currency, a digital currency was created with aim of making the global system, efficient. The regular and traditional methods of doing things and carrying out transactions, has countlessly, proven to be flawed in numerous ways...... That...

Get paid for shortening links

1 week ago Jaesabel $0.05 (0.0518 DAI)

Do you have blogging sites or perhaps a youtube account? Perhaps you might want to earn additional income from just getting a view of your site? Then you might want to try the newest shortening ad site that I have encountered. All you need to do is s...

Token domains

1 week ago fulghum $0.08 (0.0830 DAI)

 We want to bring tokenization to domain names! Using our asset backed tokens illiquid domain assets become liquid! We want to offer opportunity to buy a fractional ownership within large domain portfolio. Not only to big investors, we made it possib...