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Stepping Away from the Blockchain: AI-powered Mishmash of Fake People

1 day ago BlockchainAuthor $0.13 (39.6854 BNTY)

Do you see beauty in this post's cover photo? Yes, that's an attractive woman. But no, she isn't real. Using an AI algorithm to randomize and recreate facial features, futuristic website This Person Does Not Exist may fool you at first glance. Someti...

First Payment From Publish0x

1 day ago CryptoServices $0.20 (62.0583 BNTY)

First Payment From Publish0x a variety of science and the benefits of shared reading Publish0x Publish0x provides a wide range of knowledge which is really good, then growth in the communities Publish0x serves a range of knowledge as well as the lat...

Earn BAT Through Brave Browser Dev Channel on Feb 19

1 day ago InvariantHawk $0.24 (74.6245 BNTY)

Starting on February 19, the Brave Browser Developer channel will be moving onto the next phase where users will be able to view ads AND earn BAT. With the recent Phase 1, users on this channel (and recently the beta channel) were able to test Brave...

PROOF: New Money Coming In! - OTC Volume up 400%! - NASDAQ pushing Crypto Adoption - BTC to $5k

1 day ago CryptoBitcoinChris $0.99 (305.4117 BNTY)

  Just to clarify - The money from this pump didn't come from stablecoins (money already in the market) entirely. We saw a lot of people sitting with money on the sidelines starting to enter crypto. Very Bullish Sign. Proof that new money is coming...

The Great Machine: Throat of the Burning God

1 day ago iconDARK $0.05 (14.3221 BNTY)

Genre: Dark Ambient / Soundscape Video: "A thousand score serve the Great Machine unknowingly for every one that toils with awareness. Those that oppose it… even accidentally… are rare. And yet it makes no difference. The Grea...


1 day ago iconDARK $0.00 (0.5515 BNTY)

Here is another of my experiments in transforming dark ambient songs into other genres. This one can be described as the bastard child of "Abandon" and "Workaround". I tried to turn down the speaker-damaging bass, but no guarantees. Support us by lis...

Intro (instrumental)

1 day ago Last Ravage Opinion $0.10 (29.4165 BNTY)

  © Music by Last "Ravage" Opinion This track is different from all the other tracks on the album, a sort of dark ambient feeling, especially in the beginning, where the guitar, through a modulation effect process, forms a ghostly aura which is sl...

Time by Juxta & Grand Space Adventure

1 day ago AtomCollector $0.04 (10.8289 BNTY)

From the album "I Want To Live In A Machine". This album was created as challenge - to write and record an entire album in just 4 days! Juxta flew to Poland to attempt this intense challenge after meeting Grand Space Adventure online and realising th...

Neon Enxchange (NEX) Rebranding Giveaway Program

2 days ago CryptoFallen $0.03 (8.9548 BNTY)

Previously known as NEX exchange has rebranded to Nash and are doing a giveaway only accessible by referral program!  Definitely worth a look to get some free Crypto :)

Serenity by BROKENBOI

2 days ago bbeats $0.03 (8.4142 BNTY)

Chillstep/chill-out/ambient track Enjoy :) FOLLOW BROKENBOI: More about BROKENBOI: I`m new in musical production, in genres from hiphop / trap lofi, futuregarage to edm.