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Inziderx is in the BestCrypto list

1 week ago borishaifa $0.12 (0.1208 DAI)

What list are we talking about? In this case, I mean the list - Earn. Invest. Promote on (see banners on the website). More specifically, this project is in the category - Invest, in which the members of the BestCrypto group on the Tele...

Photo Collage #2 (TR/EN) – Uygulamalı Photoshop Dersleri

1 week ago etasarim $0.02 (0.0249 DAI)

Uygulamalı Photoshop CC derslerinin bu bölümünde creative fotoğraf kolaj çalışması yapacağız. Uygulaması oldukça kolay ve görünüşü de bir o kadar güzel. Aynı zamanda mockup olarak hazırladığımız için sadece fotoğrafı değiştirerek her fotoğrafa uygul...

Crypto Money Usage Increases in Venezuela

1 week ago mazlumyk $0.09 (0.0886 DAI)

Crypto Money Usage Increases in Venezuela   The President of the Latin American Cryptoeconomics Association says that the use of crypto currency in Venezuela has risen dramatically and Petro, the country's digital currency, plays an important role i...

Time management My experiment.

1 week ago dimonbuton $0.06 (0.0600 DAI)

Many people do not think about what time is! He is not enough for everyone! The hand on the clock is constantly moving counting seconds, minutes, hours! If you stop and think about how you spend it and why rich people understand that this is the mos...


1 week ago MDBlagdon $0.02 (0.0166 DAI)

Jeeval paces his cell like a caged beast, unable to get the vision of Sharita’s torture out of his mind. He swears an oath under his breath, promising revenge for whatever the Captain is doing to the young woman. Then, hearing the cell block door ope...

Token price comparison : The Bull Run and now

1 week ago CryptoRidz $0.10 (0.0998 DAI)

The bull run of 2017 showed us how far the cryptospace has advanced since its inception.2018 was more like a year of correction but Bitcoin has bounced back this year with incredible gains. While we prepare for another crypto joyride this year , her...

Publish0x could learn from BRAVE.

1 week ago Groonie $0.09 (0.0886 DAI)

The BRAVE browser accomplishes something that few other crypto projects do: Its target audience goes beyond just crypto enthusiasts.BRAVE team chose a bold marketing strategy: It tries to compete directly with mainstream browsers like chrome and fire...

Bitcoin je najlepšia voľba

1 week ago Cryptoinvestsvk $0.23 (0.2315 DAI)

Kde viete najsť moje videá: Youtube: Cryptoinvestsvk Crypto Invest SK/CZ   Publish0x:

Blockchain Music Series: ‘ᒪᗩᘔY ᗪᗩY’ | Lo-Fi Chill-out Sleep Ambient

1 week ago djlethalskillz $0.13 (0.1323 DAI)

Blockchain Music Series: ‘ᒪᗩᘔY ᗪᗩY' | Lo-Fi Chill-out Sleep Ambient ‘ℓαzу ∂αу’ a lazy day on a Sunday in here inspired a lazy lo-fi type of beat, a hypnotizing slow deep bassline with a lazy drummer catching up that's the best way I can express it h...

The media found another Bitcoin maker. But with the evidence, as usual, there are problems

1 week ago roland4 $0.08 (0.0757 DAI)

There is definitely no drawback in the versions of who really is behind the name of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency community is offering a number of famous people for this "position", including David Chaum, Nick Szabo, Adam Beck...