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Serenity by BROKENBOI

2 days ago bbeats $0.03 (8.4142 BNTY)

Chillstep/chill-out/ambient track Enjoy :) FOLLOW BROKENBOI: More about BROKENBOI: I`m new in musical production, in genres from hiphop / trap lofi, futuregarage to edm.

Himalayan Suite Parts 1 & 2

2 days ago Indus Rush $0.04 (12.4968 BNTY)

A child falls asleep in a shelter on the sea front, his young eyes observing all around him as the stormy English weather blows around him. He eventually falls asleep and he begins to dream that he's in the Himalayan Mountains, and the sights and sou...

Hungry Fly

2 days ago Black eye butterfly $0.01 (4.0754 BNTY)

Banano Telegram Tipbot and New Groups Launched! Get free BANANO at the launch party!

2 days ago banano $0.26 (79.1962 BNTY)

We have just officially launched our BANANO Telegram Tipbot, and also new official BANANO Telegram Groups in several different languages! You’ll find the list of all new groups further below. Join us for the Tipbot Release party! Everyone is welcome!...

Data Science Tools - Python Vs R

2 days ago everestbits $0.03 (9.4509 BNTY)

  Today, we can’t talk data science and not mention `Python` nor `R`.  Both Python and R have become the ultimate choice for any data scientist given their robustness and range of libraries that can be leveraged to get any job done without a lot of h...

Crypto Miner Predicts That Bitcoin Could Reach $740K

2 days ago Gary Leland $0.02 (6.6969 BNTY)

Zhu Fa, the co founder of Poolin, which is a Chinese based crypto mining pool, predicted that the price of Bitcoin could hit 5 million Chinese yuan which equals $738,000. Take a look at the bitcoin Conference I am hosting in Dallas, Texas at https:/...

Wandering Ambiguously Around

2 days ago Shadows Pub $0.03 (10.0776 BNTY)

  One of the things I like about doing posts for the Drop in the Ocean on the BuddyUp Discord server is exploring words I don’t normally use. Ambiguity is one of those words. So, how am I wandering ambiguously around? I expect to be wandering around...

OmnisBit Bounty Program- paying good

2 days ago Mchapeyama $0.03 (8.6600 BNTY)

One of the many ways people are earning online is through bounty programs. A bounty is a reward for doing a certain task. A crypto organisation called Cryptohunters is distributing its coins through a bounty program. Each individual can earn up to US...

Learning to trade cryptocurrency

2 days ago CryptoServices $0.02 (6.3993 BNTY)

Learning to trade cryptocurrency opportunities to develop revenue and experience the development and growth of technology that has increased from to time provides a variety of excellent opportunities, such as the growth of the cryptocurrency always...

Top Cryptocurrency Projects Part 2: ETHERGEM CALLISTO DASH

2 days ago CryptoKeeper $4.68 (1,429.7164 BNTY)

In Part 1 I looked at Tron, Pirl, and Horizen. In part 2 I'll be looking at Dash, Callisto, and Ethergem. I'm going to start off with Ethergem, which I will refer to for the rest of the article as egem.    EGEM Egem is a community coin with a small,...