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Like most standard Cloud Mining sites, DogeBank promises a return on investments. The return depends on the "miner" you purchase from them. The current prices as of today with dogebank's 7% off offer: DBM #120Daily profit: 15 Ð, ROI: 120%465 ÐDBM #13...


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  Owndata is a blockchain decentralised data network based on ethereum blockchain  for data sellers and buyers that enables websites owners ,app developers, content owners, dvertisers,publishers, data suppliers and many more to make money from their...

Halo Reports a Listing Delay

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Update on ARMR listingUnfortunately, Halo didn’t meet the deadline today because of technical problems and has to delay our listing: From Halo Dev Team: ARMR was to go live for trading on June 20th, but in our implementation of their network we exper...

How to cool your phone

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1. If you don't use the apps turn it off (put it in sleep) 2. Don't play mobile games too long (intense cpu usage) 3. Turn off the phone 4. Use a phone cooler accessory (it ranges between 10-20$) 5. Download and use phone cooler app (CPU Cooler etc)...

Stock/ Equity Market experiences the Blockchain Technology Firsthand without creating a Cryptocurrency for each asset.

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CryptoCurrency and the Stock Market One of the biggest development in the stock market is the integration of blockchain technology. We now see stocks, or ETFs that are blockchain based thus revolutionizing the stock or equity market. There is no grea...

Wibson: Game changer in Blockchain Industry.

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About WIBSON:- Nowadays, our personal information is often stored on servers controlled by large organizations which centralize and often monetize. Current developments in blockchain technology have been able to activate market places by transferring...


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  One of the main keys to succeed in Creary is to have a profile as complete as possible. Remember that Creary is not only a social network, but it can also be a very useful tool in which you can distribute your work in a professionalized way as a di...

The latest photos of Mars made by NASA.

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  Another interesting photo taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and more specifically by the HiRISE camera (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) placed on its board. The picture shows a crater with a diameter of about 15 meters, which,...

8th Largest

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Crypto Watch TOP News (Sponsor Blockstack PBC) * Bigger than Russia – Bitcoin is now the 8th largest​ world currency. * ‘Hard Core Fund’ collects 50 BTC to support Bitcoin developers. * MetLife, the world’s sixth-largest insurance company, using Ethe...

Crypto News - Bitcoin pulls back slightly after stepping above the $9,400 price level

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Crypto News - Bitcoin pulls back slightly after stepping above the $9,400 price level with @BloxLiveTV SOURCE: Medium Signup @ for your free trading account today!Join our ever growing society for updates:Twitter: