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Brave is a record breaker : the browser blockchain that is undermining the big players like firefox and chrome

5 hours ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.08 tipped

Often we found ourselves talking about Brave, the browser blockchain with high protection of the privacy of the users to whom the native BAT cryptocurrency is hooked, both because it is one of the few concrete successful use cases in the whole indust...

Still by The Turtle Project

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This is from "Slowly Does It" us by listening on the following platform(s) (we earn a small amount of crypto and would appreciate it): LYRICS I can still see the sun with my eyes clos...

Trading the cryptocurrency market using ultimate oscillator indicator

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Ultimate oscillator is an oscillator indicator. As an oscillator indicator,Ultimate oscillator indicator was created by Larry Williams to help traders know the direction of the market as well as to know whether the market is in an overbought or overs...

That's my new path!

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That's my new path! I have thoughts that are rare.I write about wisdom to bare. No matter what others ever said.I just keep going ahead. I know truth from experience.And that makes a difference! All mental blocks have been dissolved.And something new...

HORIZEN project - GET Free ZENCash Token Everyday

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Earn Free ZenCash token for free by claiming on this page everyday. This faucet is the only legit site that offer quite amount of Zen Coin for free. This faucet supported and funded by Horizen Global. Here is a list of steps to earn on this faucet....'s social media platform Voice will launch beta on February 14, 2020

6 hours ago 1 minute read Cryptofunda $0.26 tipped

On December 5, Voice officially stated that if the project goes smoothly, the team will launch a beta version on February 14, 2020. Officials say that, like most emerging technologies, Voice requires some serious development. The regulatory environm...

PreSearch (Decentralized Search Engine) [BestDapp]

7 hours ago 4 minute read Ivan KR $0.33 tipped

  The current model of web search is definitely broken. At first glance, you can search for everything for free, but in reality, you pay a high price. And you pay for it with your personal information. Actually, you might be stunned by how much data...

The Crypto Curator's Podcast List for 06 Dec 2019 - Sponsored by Delphi Digital

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I love curating information. So I've decided to begin publishing a daily list of the most relevant podcast I am aware of. The following Podcast were published yesterday and today. If there is a podcast you'd like me to track, leave me a comment. If y...


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Spawn aka most badass superhero , is a comic book superhero created by author Todd McFarlane. Former CIA assassin named Albert Francis Simmons is murdered and sent to hell. After he makes a deal with the devil, in order to see his wife once more, he...

*TOMORROW* I Will Attempt To Do 50,000 Steps On ActiFit In Aid Of Children On Venezuela - LIVE!

7 hours ago 1 minute read AtomCollector $0.07 tipped

The Day Has Arrived! Watch Me Succeed Or Watch Me Fail!   My plan is to get on the treadmill as soon as I get up and start the live stream. So this should be at approximately 6am GMT / UTC. I'll get some music going and do my usual morning things th...