Splinterlands - The First Battles

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 27 Jun 2022

Hi Splinterfans!
I am getting stuck into Splinterlands and my PlayStation controller is getting dusty. I even had an email today from Steam telling me a classic game that I loved was on special offer. I wanted to tell them to get on the blockchain! I don't have time for web2 gaming right now.

I am now ready to go on Splinterlands. Mobile App installed: check. Cards bought and rented: check. Mindset: Crush Mode. Check. It's time to go to work and slay my enemies and start stacking some crypto.

I'm not sure what crypto I am stacking here, but some SPT or DEC would be good. My goals for the first few weeks are to get up to speed on the game and understand its mechanics. Also to win games. I may lose a few battles, but as Arnie said, winners keep getting up again. That's a winner.

I hope Arnie also meant earning a few tokens at the same time too.


So here is my first battle. My plan here was to hold off their tank with a mediocre monster while my back line pummelled them into submission.

This should have given me a nice 6 attacks in one round plus the use of thorns. I only noticed my rental of Stitch Leech had run out so it should have been 7 with his double attack.

With the reduced heart and magic, my attack was however muted and I couldn't recover from this one. As an improvement, I've now bought Stitch Leech to help improve my attack for next time.

Result: Loss
Battlelink: here


In my next battle in order to try and trick my opponent, I thought I would use Mother Khala as they would expect me to use the Earth Splinter.

I filled my tank position with Blinding Reflector whom I thought might be able to hold off their attack long enough while they get battered from the 2nd row.

This didn't work out quite as I had expected though. Even though I had brought in reinforcements with Stitch Leech who could attack double, the power of Pelacor Arbalest was just too much.

I don't know what I could do better here. Also, play the same tank as my opponent and play Pelacor Arbalest too maybe?

Result: Loss
Battlelink: here


In my final battle, I thought I would confuse my opponent by playing Kelya Frendul with a super strong tank. My plan didn't work out quite like I expected though thanks to their magic attack from Time Mage.

Even with my strong shield and 7 heart, I couldn't hold out against both their attacks. I had considered they may not just focus on the front row and therefore my decoy in the last position.

Result: Loss
Battlelink: here


Still so much to learn on strategy and what cards to play. I really need to start taking down some of my opponents. For those wanting to earn some quick and easy bucks with Splinterlands, I can confirm that it isn't so easy, you gotta work your ass off. But the gameplay is great fun and each aspect of the game is getting more interesting.

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