Dalgona Coffee (Original Recipe): Is it really that great?


This is my round 2 post of my Dalgona Test Challenge that I have mentioned on another challenge platform a few days back.

And if you have not noticed, I actually tried out doing the Black Coffee version instead of the traditional version first because I didn't have any milk with me; and I have reduced the portion by 50% on that recipe. If you have not read that yet, do check it out on my other post!


Just like the first try, I still had some instant coffee with me, but this time, I have done it with the same measurement of the original recipe: 2 tablespoon of coffee, 2 tablespoon of sugar, and 2 tablespoon of water.


With a little bit more water portion, the whisking time for getting the bubbles varies a little; but since I have found out the method to whisk it with the same utensil, it was a lot easier.


You can see by the end of 2nd minute the texture is already lighter and quicker. Most important while doing this, it is all about the wrist, and you can do circular / zigzag motion if you want to, and some says the original uses a wooden spoon (which I don't have) and it gives another level of differences to the texture and bubbles.


This time I have decided to whisk a little longer to the point it has an almost hard peak. You can see that the bubbles are already hardly noticeable because the bubbles are super tiny! I guess this is the success benchmark that most people would want to achieve that. 


This time, I got myself a warmed up almond milk. Unlike the original version, they usually serve with ice, but since I always preferred my coffee to be hot, I have decided to have my plant based milk warmed up first before serving it. I found this empty jam jar that serves perfectly for this dalgona coffee serving. 

Tasty no wasty, as the Tasty producers like to say! 


Maybe it is the hot substance; without the ice, it melts pretty quickly into the milk. By the time I got the place set for photography you an see the bubbles starts to dissipate; but it does give a pretty nice effect below.

How was the taste?

Too sweet for my taste buds!

It taste like bitter coffee candy before properly mixing it.


I do understand the need for ice on this coffee because apparently Dalgona is actually a hard candy in Korea; therefore it is supposed to be sweet. It's nice to have if you have a lot of ice on it; but I don't think I'll have this everyday without at least consuming 3L of water or else I'll end up being diabetic!


I actually added hot water a few more rounds and you can see that from cream-like topping it becomes like a float. However I think I added around 4 rounds before it was too diluted and only tasted like almond milk with coffee flavour.

At the end, this one small jar did last me till the evening as I sipped through and resume work for the rest of the day (with a lot of water as well). It's still nice, but definitely not an everyday thing for me.

So what about you?

Have you tried doing this viral coffee and posted here? If you have, do let me know in the comments below and I'll definitely come visit!

Until Then

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Wash Your Hands!

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