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Decentraland: get your piece of prime virtual real estate

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People have always been drawn to the idea of a different world to escape to. Whether that is via an engaging book with a fantasy setting, a movie with an awesome alternate sci-fi universe, or a game with a virtual world like Second Life. In these se...

OSPU - Brave Review

18 May 2019 7 minute read mad_cat $0.52 tipped

Since this is my first post for Old-School Power User, I want to quickly tell you a bit about who I am. When it comes to Cryptocurrency, I'm a Schmo, but when it comes to computers, I'm a Power User. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networking....

Exodus Wallet Review

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Exodus Wallet Review Exodus is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet as it supports more than +100 coins and tokens. It has a simple interface which can be used comfortably even by the novice traders. Using the integrated Exodus Exchange, you cannot b...

Review of Constant: a borderless, block-chain based P2P lending platform

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Disclosures: Publish0x contains a wealth of articles about emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, but there are often clear conflicts of interest in reviews, testimonials, informational pieces. This article has not been sponsored or in...