Dalgona Coffee Craze (Black Version): Worth my time?

As far as I have checked, Dalgona coffee only works when it is used under same amount of sugar and instant coffee; and for a person who has cut down on sugar quite a bit but has been exposed back to sugar the last 1 year, I really have to find options to lower this again.

Unfortunately, looking through all the internet without monk fruit sweetener and dairy free, I am still left with this option of doing the traditional Dalgona coffee

But only with water added later.

So it can be Dalgona black coffee? (with sugar)

All started with instant coffee


A lot of people said that dehydrated brewed coffee could work extremely well; but so far, every single video and site I found is talking about instant coffee.

This is by far, apart from brewed coffee, is my better choice of coffee which I don't have shaky hands if I had a little more than usual and no rapid heartbeat at the moment of overdose.

The measurement is pretty simple: coffee: sugar: water


The measurements has to be the same; and they suggested 2 each.

However, I have decided since I don't think I want that much on it, I have decided to do 1:1:1 ratio.

Then the whisking starts


My mom does have a mixer at home; but I don't want to wake them up early in the morning when I brewed my coffee and start my work early from home. So I chose the traditional way, with a whisk.

Besides, I wanted to strengthen my wrist and my arm, and nothing is better than to whisk it all the way conventionally.

2nd minute down the road


You start with a slow whisking to generate big bubbles; and once the bubbles are formed that's where the exercise starts!

You gotta increase your whisking speed (with a short 5 seconds rest in between in case you are too tired) and you continue whisk it in a zig-zag mode.

5th minute down the road


you will start to see it starts to look a lot lighter, but this is still not the end yet. According to some you gotta whisk about 4000 times in order to get a hard peak, so that's A LOT OF WHISKING!

9th minute down the road...


By this time, my arm can really feel the tiredness haha, and I am almost about to give up. Unlike the electric frother for the suffle omlette I used, so this is a lot more challenging. But to be able to see a hard peak it this could speak of (perhaps) victory?


Knowing that this is most likely going to be pretty sweet, I topped up almost 2/3 glass of water and let the remaining space at the top for the froth.


By the time it is ready you can see it is quite creamy and easy to scoop.


At one glance you can say it looks like either a fresh brewed coffee; or a frothy coke.

I must say, even with a lot of water, it still taste rather sweet for me; but this very glass actually lasted me till evening. So I guess it was still a win.

But I don't think I'll do that often until I can find another way to froth it that way without egg whites.

However, I might take another try to do the original Dalgona coffee and see how it is.

What do you think? Have you tried this viral recipe before?

Do share it here if you have done so. If you haven't you are most welcome to give it a try and post it here of your findings!

Until Then

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Wash Your Hands!

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