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The little new things I learn / experienced and share with everyone. Especially reviews.

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Making Corn Bread from Scratch with YouTube Recipe - Worth my time?

14 May 2020 5 minute read comments littlenewthings

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well during the season of Social Distancing and partial lock-downs! As for me, I have been busier than usual in this period when the test of being a remote support tech totally takes its toll.  Nevertheles...

Testing YouTube Recipe: Japanese Fluffy Milk Dinner Rolls - Does it work?

26 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments littlenewthings

I must say, I am a n00b when it comes to making bread... And when it comes to quarantine at home for 40 days already, I am hoping that this can be rectified.  Just so happened that I came across this YouTube video that made making dinner rolls so eas...

Dalgona Coffee (Original Recipe): Is it really that great?

18 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments littlenewthings

This is my round 2 post of my Dalgona Test Challenge that I have mentioned on another challenge platform a few days back. And if you have not noticed, I actually tried out doing the Black Coffee version instead of the traditional version first becau...

Dalgona Coffee Craze (Black Version): Worth my time?

18 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments littlenewthings

As far as I have checked, Dalgona coffee only works when it is used under same amount of sugar and instant coffee; and for a person who has cut down on sugar quite a bit but has been exposed back to sugar the last 1 year, I really have to find option...

Town Star Test - Busy Schedule Planning - Forest Terrain

7 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments littlenewthings

Hey everyone!  Today is day 2.5 and after several attempts of testing on forest terrains, I have decided to move somewhere super close to the South East Asian region this time; where there is sea and land with somewhat forestry along.  But before th...

New Blockchain Game - Town Star - Worth My Time?

5 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments littlenewthings

Hey everyone!  This is one of my first hand reviews of the most recent game I have embarked myself today, invited by my friend called - Town Star , powered using the Gala network, a decentralised gaming platform by Zynga.  For those who had played Z...

Learning Architectural Drafting and 3D During MCO

2 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments littlenewthings

Even with the virus could be lurking at any alley or even aisle in the supermarket, life’s got to go on. “If you gonna stay in the employment; you got to learn.” That’s what my boss has said. And today is the 2nd day of my journey to try to understan...

Making Souffle with a Milk Frother - Does it Work?

27 Mar 2020 3 minute read comments littlenewthings

Hey everyone! As you know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are now being imposed into Movement Restricted / Controlled Order, particularly in Malaysia; and through this time other that working from home, one has got to stretch their musc...

The Little New Things in Life: That’s what I Hope To Strive For

23 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments littlenewthings

Ola! 你好! Apa Khabar! Bonjour! Guten Tag! 안녕하세요! When people first see my screen name, there's always a lot going on in their mind; so it is easier to put it in a post so that you can to know better. Most of the time when people I meet durin...