BitcoLoan Airdrop - Free 126,980+ BITCOLOAN Tokens ($126.98) and $50

BitcoLoan Airdrop - Free 126,980+ BITCOLOAN Tokens ($126.98) and $50

By koialyssa | Multiple Money Maker | 22 Apr 2021

BitcoLoan is a marketplace where people can borrow or lend money.They are doing an airdrop for up to 126,980 BITCOLOAN Tokens. On top of that, they are offering a free $50 to start if you take their academy courses. They also have daily activities where you can get even more tokens. (760 BITCOLOAN Tokens worth $0.76) You also get 1 BITCOLOAN Token daily. They offer $5 for referrals when they make their first deposit as well as give your referred person $5. They also offer 8% cashback on referral's deposits.

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Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Sign up for an account with Bitcoloan. (100 Tokens)
Step 2. Invite a lender to business. (800 Tokens)
Step 3. Invite a lender. (800 Tokens)
Step 4. Lend to Individuals. (800 Tokens)
Step 5. Lend to Business. (1600 Tokens)
Step 6. Rate them on TrustPilot. (160 Tokens)
Step 7. Complete your profile by adding a profile picture and phone number. (160 Tokens)
Step 8. Complete the academy. (240 Tokens)
Step 9. Join them on Telegram. (80 Tokens)
Step 10. Follow them on Twitter. (80 Tokens)
Step 11. Follow them on Instagram. (80 Tokens)
Step 12. Follow BitcoLoan on LinkedIn. (80 Tokens)
Step 13. Like them on Facebook. (80 Tokens)
Step 14. Subscribe to them on Youtube. (80 Tokens)
Step 15. Follow them on Medium. (80 Tokens)
Step 16. Write about Bitcoloan. (800 Tokens)
Step 17. Write a success story. (400 Tokens)
Step 18. Host a stream or webinar (4000-40000 Tokens)
Step 19. Record a video review. (800-80000 Tokens)
Step 20. Place a banner in your blog. (400 Tokens)
Step 21. Turn on Push Notifications. (160 Tokens)

That's all the ways you can get free BITCOLOAN Tokens from this airdrop. (Not including the daily tasks) The tokens are available for withdraw in June 2021.

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