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Free Crypto  - Simple And Easy!


Is There Something Like Free Crypto?

When I first did find out about airdrops, bounty's, referral systems and such I was skeptic and who wouldn't, things for free often comes with a catch. I started to investigate all these things and simple did it myself to find out, many things aren't serious but some are!. In the big jungle of all these airdrops today and all other free claims of crypto it's hard to point of the serious ones against those not. Fortunately it takes no time to do airdrops, bounty's etc and I stay away from "free claim of crypto" there you need to leave personal details or do KYC. I do KYC sometimes doh if my research tells me to. 


What To Before Starting Any "Free Claim" Of Crypto Of Any Kind

When it comes to airdrops, bounty's those free claims takes no time at least airdrops when you know the procedure and have a cheat sheet to it and if you didn't get the airdrops it's not the whole world because as said it takes no time, no personal information has been given and you haven't invest anything. Sure it's a boomer but not the end of the world and if you research every singe airdrops you have just completed one airdrop against ten if you didn't research.

In every single airdrop it's about promoting the project and airdrops thru social media and therefor you need accounts there to do airdrops and every airdrops have different demands on this, nearly 85% of every airdrop is thru a Telegram bot otherwise a google form.  To do airdrops time efficient so you have time over to something else and be able to do every assignment in the airdrop I have come a cross some techniques, read below.

- Make Telegram account if you don't have any.

-  Make an account at Twitter 95% of all airdrops this is needed. 

- Other account needed to be able to do every airdrop is Medium, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Discord, if you don't have account on some make account there.

- Make a cheat sheet to do airdrop x5 time. The sheet will include your ERC20, BEP20, TRC20, SOL addresses others might be needed to. Copy and paste your URLs to your profiles of every social media and also your Telegram and Twitter username.


Whit your cheat sheet you're now able to do airdrops with lightning speed in nearly every single airdrop you get extra tokens for referrals, some good places to to share your referral links are different Reddit groups about free crypto and airdrops, you can also share it on such groups on Facebook, Telegram, Discord and in other crypto forums like like a short post. If you have more time and like airdrops you can even start an own Reddit groups about airdrops and other relevant channels.


What To Think About When Your "Free Crypto" Costs (Transaction) Or You Need To Leave Personal Information Or Do KYC.

Here is research your best tool, you don't want to leave any personal information to a project made of fraudsters that can you it for criminal purposes. Read about the project in detail and the whitepaper/ litepaper to. You want to do the research carefully, Below you have some good advice to follow.

- Google the project, see if it's recognized on any serious crypto news station or in any other context you trust.

- Do you know the team or any developer in it, developers from former crypto projects is a good factor. Anonymous developers indicates not that the project is a scam but it's warning sign.

- Open whitepaper/litepaper, same as advice above.

-Has the smart contract any audit. If it don't every further step in the project is on you. (Big warning)

This is some advice to follow not only when it comes to "free claims of any kind (except airdrop, make airdrop anyways just don't leave personal information as the information about airdrop above). Always look at this for your own security, we know there is many scammers around in this decentralized world.


Airdrops And Free Claims You Must Do!

Some might have read some article I've published before an in the end of those articles I've linked to some free claims that I like and those will be here to. Remember this is free claims and airdrop I think is the ones in the top right know you might want to have and always before going in to something DYOR!.

-Bitcoin Open (BTC-O) is a DeFi token with combine BTC and ERC20 code a ERC20 merger token. It has stake mining directly on the platform no fee's needed to stake. You get 25 BTC-0 token on sign-up theu my link and you can get some more for doing security settings for your profile and even more so. To read an article I've done about the project click here and if you want do register and get free BTC-O tokens click here.

- Hi Dollars a crypto in early days for financial banking with high rates and no fee's. You can claim Hi Dollars once everyday thru answering a question to a Telegram bot. I get 2,5 Hi Dollars everyday was 10 Hi Dollars just last week bu have gone down due to more people doing this. Current price of one Hi Dollar is 0.23 dollar, you get 0,57 everyday now (probably more soon the price rises the whole time). You can do this a few weeks/month from now. To read an article I have done click here. To go to Telegram bot to start claim press here.

- YFIN, is a fork of and you can claim 0,12 YFIN tokens just thru enter your ERC20 adress when following the link. The price of one YFIN is calculated to 60 YFIN = 1 ETH. There is only a few days left to be able to claim free YFIN. You have a chance of getting even more YFIN!. To get to the site and claim YFIN click here.

- Good Dollar a crypto getting everyone in the world basic to get a basic income. you can claim once everyday for a while ago you could yield farm with this crypto at Fuse Network even it has no value yet (yet to be launched on exchange). To read more about Good Dollar click here. If you follow the link and register you get 50 Good dollar to start with and you can collect this day daily claim click here.

- Revuto is the first dApp on Cardano blockchain and is a platform for you to control your subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify and many more. You can pay subscriptions in REVU tokens or in other native Cardano blockchain tokens. The Revu tokens can act like collateral for you to get micro loans to pay your subscriptions you can stake it for more and even yield farm with it, endless possibilities. This might be the airdrop of the year and it's little time left to claim your 10 free REVU tokens you also have a chance of getting even more! (Project yet to launch fully) To read more about REVUTO click here. To get to the site register and get your free REVU tokens click here.

- Earnathon is a platform of learning, you watch informational videos and answer a quiz afterwards to get rewarded in ENA tokens. In the future can you stake your ENA for more or switch in to BTC directly on the platform. You get ENA tokens for registering and also for the first quiz released. Soon will it come eight video series more to get rewarded for. You get ENA tokens worth around 20-30 dollar for register and first videos series with the quiz. To read more about Earnathon click here. To get to Earnaton an register click here, (use Windows Edge browser if you can, I had problem with others but it was a while ago and the problem might be resolved) 

- UHIVE is an app there you can earn UHIVE tokens for content produced of any kind, you can tip creators etc. With Uhive tokens (HVE2) can you buy digital assets even NFTs. You get 200 Uhive tokens when you follow the link and sign up with code: AJ5P83. You find the UHIVE app att app store and Google play.

- Bermit is fully peer to peer decentralized community-driven blockchain based remittance platform, you will be able in the future ro run node etc. You get 500 BRMT for register (Worth remarkable 250 dollars) it's a simple register just with email and confirmation of email. You can get more reward to this early in! Click here to register and claim your easy and fast $25 in BRMT.

Thank You For Reading And All Support!


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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

In my blog you going to learn more about new technologies according to mining but also about new upcoming projects, as well about new airdrops and free ways to earn more cryptos/tokens. Welcome down to the dungeon (mohaha)

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