Does It Exist A Free Token With No Value Yet You Can Provide As Liquidity And Get Rewards? - Yes It Does.

The One And Only Token With No Value, You Can Provide As Liquidity And Get Rewarded In FUSE


Well, it does sound quite astonishing that you can provide 50% of your liquidity with a token with no value at the moment and get rewarded in FUSE tokens. It's true and astonishing, let me introduce an ERC-20 token with no value that's free to claim once daily, GoodDollar. The questions I asked myself was "why is it free to claim, how can you get rewarded by providing a token with no value?". If I guess correctly you asked yourself the same question as I.

I will give this answers to you and I hope after you have read this article, that you will do the same as I do everyday now. Let's get started.


Why GoodDollar, Why Put My Time To a Token With No Value

As you know, every cryptocurrency project and their token had no value in the beginning but now that crypto maybe get you a decent passive income. A few projects crashes on the way and are left to dust and so the investments. This is different here you have a golden opportunity to claim this token on a daily basis for free, no investment. This means no loss if it wouldn't work out as it meant to. This opportunity could mean two things, profit from not investing a penny only a few minutes of your time per day. It could also mean no profit but no loss either only a loss of time about a minute a day.

I just needed to have that figured out. So what is GoodDollar it's a cryptocurrency free to the people. The organisation that created GoodDollar is a non-profit organisation. The goal is to be able to provide a basic income to anyone with a smartphone with internet connection. The basic income as you understood is that you're able to claim small amounts of G$ coins once, everyday. 

Many governments provide a basic income for their population, at least for the population with no work or any other means to provide for themselves. All countries does not and many has a hard time to cope with life and eventually get homeless. This could be a solution or a part of a solution nonetheless. In a short future GoodDollar will be listed at exchanges and we will finally see a actually price per G$. 


I Thought You Said You Could Provide G$ As Liquidity, Yes You Sure Can.

As we concluded G$ has no value yet except what you value one G$ too. But still you're able to provide it as a part of a liquidity to a pool and get rewarded in FUSE tokens, amazing. I think that one thing explains the force behind the project. You are for now and about ich 2 month in advance able to provide G$-USDC LP to get rewarded in FUSE tokens, the pool at the time of writing have an APY of 124%.

Let me clarify the pool is a BETA, but seems to work just fine one more clarification is that you get rewarded in wFUSE. The pool is allocated on FuseSwap, which works on three different networks BSC, ETH and the ETH side-chain Fuse Network. You can migrate your ERC-20 and BSC tokens to the Fuse Network by a bridge on the site. The side-chain fills a valuable feature of free swaps and no gas is required. You will still need to pay gas for the transactions in/out between the side-chain and Ethereum Network. Enough about this.


The Platform Makes Progress 

It happens a lot on the platform in different angles. Once logged in and completed the instructions, it's very easy because you will have GoodDollar as an app (But it aint) and you simple enter and claim your share everyday. This share will be located in the wallet you get, you're able to import this wallet to Metamask once you have configured Metamask to Fuse Network. The applications is also including a marketplace that's open right now. The marketplace is pretty evolved due to not G$ has a value yet. People sell all kinds of different things for more G$ I have even spotted a few NFT:s.

The project has an open whitepaper, the most questions are answered by their FAQ as well. The project actually screams dedication, transparency, devotion and you the feeling of watching a high quality movie as I have seen many projects that is like watching a movie with that actor that always is like a ultimate ninja fighter and takes down twenty people by himself, don't remember his name or a movie right now.


If you like to be able to claim GoodDollar everyday it would be much appropriated if you used my referral link that get you 50 G$ upon registration, cklick here



Thank you for reading, much Crypto love to ya'all!

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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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