BITCOIN OPEN - The BTC-O Token Is The First ERC20-Merger token Also The First To Support Stake Mining

Bitcoin Open - Stake Mining at platform, Firt Of It's Kind And Much More


What Is BTC-O, What Is It's Purpose?

Bitcoin Open as you read in the headline is the first ERC20-Merger token, which is exciting not only that is the first token to support stake mining. The BTC-O is a decentralized community driven project and once the token-sale is finished and the platform as well it's ,main purpose is to provide liquidity and payment solutions for financial institutions and other retailers in a global scale. 

The platform will offer a new feature that new projects could take part of possibly saving the project lots of money they would otherwise need from having a platform that would fund the project thru liquidity. The DeFi based platform enables projects to take part of BTC-O blockchain and creating an own side-chain. An ERC20-merged token is basically a token that applies Bitcoins own rules in the protocol and merge it together with ERC20 code. In this case BTC-O's blockchain consists of 15% Bitcoin code  and the rest is ERC20 contract sourde code. The protocol is similar to a original ERC20 protocol, but with a touch of Bitcoins protocol.


The Project Has Lots Of Support And Let you Have The assets.

Over 1000 financiers, partners and developers stand behind the project and is verifies and regulated since November 2020. The team takes no profit from token sales either. Which in my ears ring pretty good.  Unlike DeFi there you will provide liquidity to a pool, stake or whatever you do, you don't have control over your assets thus not in your ownership at the time is out in DeFi. BTC-O makes this different, it's a fee free ERC20 you get staking rewards from thru the BTC-O platform. 

You could say you stake an ERC20 token to DeFi whiteout any fee's, which in this time is valuable at least for the small investors when the gas fee's now taking half of their investment. BTC-O brings you stake mining. A staking feature directly on the platform that saves you from high gas fee's and by having this function, could save you from rug pulls as well. Sometimes in cases you have DYOR you could unluckily hit a rug pull in search of a new project that could bring you high profits.

The disadvantage with this is that you only can stake mine for more BTC-O and can not chose your own project to provide liquidity to and if BTC-O goes well this maybe isn't an disadvantage anymore. But well you need to weigh benefits for risks here. I have no information yo'll be able to provide BTC-o as liquidity elsewhere or in the future you could tsake your BTC-O directly in the platform for other tokens.

The idea is great for many investors that wants to secure their investment on one platform their the staking happens directly thru the wallet. For you to get an idea how the platform looks like I have done a print screen from my dashboard.



BTC-O Listening And Other Important Information

From what we see now the selling of the BTC-O tokens in in stage four out of five. In stage four nearly all 10,000,000 tokens are sold. The popularity of the project is rising day by day and for every stage the tokens get a bit higher in price to buy. If there is tokens that's not getting sold during the stages, this tokens will be distributed even to all holder holding over 150 BTC-O. The listening of BTC-O will happen 10-35 days after public token sale is complete. That will probably happen around late August to middle of September. BTC-O will starts to pump in liquidity to Uniswap in the end of August. The listening on exchanges and the token being available on Uniswap will happen next to each other.  

If you feeling interested in BTC-O, you now get 25 BTC-O tokens for free if you register thru this link and the staking starts directly getting you more BTC-O passively over time. you are also able to get 15 more tokens thru enable 2-FA  to secure your account. You'll also get 25 BTC-O thru every referral that register thru your link. I would be very happy if you would support me and register thru my link above. 


Thanks For Reading And Supporting My Work.

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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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