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Hi , Feeless Banking - Now In Private BETA


What Is Hi 

Hi dollars is a cryptocurrency that aims to change how we look at banking today. Today banks make money of you, not for you. Feeless and no markup banking is one main point in the project, together with high rates upwards 20% and instant transactions. Multi-currency interest accounts with an open exchange 24/7 at your service with the main point makes banking easier, more rewarding and fun. Hi Dollars will make this happen using blockchain technology.


Maximize Membership Rewards and Non-profitable Organisation

As stated above Hi dollars isn't a new banking service that aims to collect profits to organisation, it rather but the members/users first. Making baking thru blockchain technology comes with great advantages for the users of the service. Not only will they have an exchange open for you 24/7 but instant transactions also, this makes banking faster and easier it also comes with no fee's. With your multi-currency wallet can you earn up to 20% yield on your assets a much higher number against traditional banks as we now it today. Banks are money collectors searching for high profits in the organisation.

But, wait? if there is no organisation and the banks are handled thru the community that are non-profitable, well this power to the people and what most think of more profit/rewards in assets. This is exactly what Hi is about. To make it more easy for you "hi" is the service and "hi dollars" is the native currency of this service.   


How Will This Work In Reality?

As for now Hi dollar service in in BETA, exact what this means I will come to later and I will also mention that Hi has already started which I also cover later. In reality Hi will work as ordinary banking but more profitable for it's adopters. Hi banking is simple to use and you will be able to use the service from your computer and even use the service on the go thru your phone.

You will be able to make deposits thru  buying cryptocurrencies with credit card, transfer cryptocurrencies from external wallets, wire with fiat currency(SEPA/SWIFT) and even cash deposits at partner convenience stores. Withdrawals to external accounts/wallets with fiat and cryptocurrencies are also available and even cash pick-up at partner convenience stores. Remember that this will works differently depending in which country you live in. The data privacy and security is two top points at this project to making banking more secure for the users. If you want to read more about how the data privacy and security works click here


Hi Dollar Cryptocurrency 

To make use of the banking service users most deposit Hi Dollars to their savings account. There is different tiers and rewards in the service depending on the amount of Hi Dollars deposit. 

- Member: Advantages: Saving APY 2% -Deposit 100 Hi Dollars in savings account.

- Accociate: Advantages: Saving APY 5% -Deposit 10 000 Hi Dollars in savings account.

- Partner: Advantages: Saving APY 10% -Deposit 1 000 000 Hi Dollars in savings account.

-Boss: Advantages: Saving APY 20% -Deposit 100 000 000 Hi Dollars in savings account.

The interest is paid daily to flexible account in Hi dollars.  

Hi dollars is ERC-20 standard with possible move in the future. One Hi dollars for now is worth 0.1850 USD.


The Fun Part "Claim Daily Reward"

To make more awareness to the project you can now claim Hi dollars once daily answering a daily question. As for now you get 10 Hi dollars answering the daily question this is because the project has reached more than 100 000 people using the early reward service. The daily reward will be 10 Hi dollars to it reaches 250 000 people. The next level 250 000 - 1 000 000 people using it the reward will decrease to 2,5 hi dollars and in the next step 1 000 000 - beyond is it decreased to 1 Hi dollars. This will continue to the distribution pool of new members is exhausted. At the price of one Hi dollars now, you claim 1,85 USD daily for free. The "claim" is done thru a Telegram bot.

This rewards will be locked one year in member rewards account. After one year and finished KYC you can claim your reward (you working on right now!) 

If you interested or just wants to claim the daily reward now from the bot, click here.


The Team Behind It


Thank you for reading and the support




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mining technologies, new crypto projects

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