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EARNATHON - Earn ENA Tokens by watching educational videos about crypto!

Earnathon - Earn free ENA tokens!


Earnathon is a website that provides educational videos and material for free you also earn their native token ENA for free simple by watching these videos and answer a quiz after the videos. Well scary same concept like Coinbase. 

Earnathon has lately partners up with many big providers in the cryptocurrency community these are: 

  • Lead wallet
  • Xend Finance
  • The Bantu Foundation

Earnathon wa created in 2019 and the platform launched in January 2021. The key whit this platform is to educate people about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. To do this more appealing they have introduced the ENA token so people actually get something more that just information. The platform will have a lot of opportunity's to increase their amount of ENA tokens thru staking, yield farming with the ENA token. You will be able to participate in community rewards as well, this thru platform growth activities. They will also have a product launchpad. There you can use your ENA tokens for products.

The ENA tokens is also a governance token in the platforms ecosystem and token holders will be able to vote on key issues.

The ENA token in my opinion will have a good value. this thru people holding it and not just get the reward and selling their ENA tokens. Sure some will do just that.  But when you will be able to staking it and also yield farm with it and also get a lot of other advantages with is. Many will probably hold it. Also the ENA tokens will hold value due to that every project listening on the site will be payed in ENA and if some company or individual will be able to do research on the platform they will pay with ENA tokens. So there will be a hold value of this token.

At this moment you can't withdraw your ENA tokens to a exchange nor a wallet  this is because the ENA token isn't listed on any exchange yet and by that we do not know the value of it yet. It will be listed in 2021 and you will be able to a lot of the activities mentioned above with your ENA tokens. 

For now you can watch one serie of multiple videos to earn a specific amount of ENA tokens what they value to about 20 dollars. But they will release a lot more series to earn much more ENA tokens, look at the pictures below.






I think the progress of the site is fast now and I think it will be pretty fast now and forward and I think you will be able to withdraw the ENA tokens soon or do other activities to earn more ENA. I Believe so because the have partnered up with 3 kind of big providers in the crypto community and Earnathon have probably a deadline they must hold by themselves but also to the new partners of the platform

Klick here to visit to the Earnathon platform and start watching videos and earn free ENA tokens! *yes this is a referral link and I'm really happy if you use it.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. 

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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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