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Revuto - the first dApp platform on Cardano (ADA), control, earn, stake, borrow and much more!

Revuto Platform - Utilizes the REVU token for you needs


What is Revuto?

The Revuto platform with it's native token REVU is the first dApp on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. The Revuto platform you can use native token on Cardano to control and pay subscriptions. When you use native tokens on Cardano to pay for your subscriptions you get REVU tokens as an earning back. The platform is specialized on subscriptions but not only that more functions will be viable like micro lending, stacking, yield farming, the REVU token also acts as a governance token on the Revuto platform an it's ecosystem I will explain this later in the article.   

Why use Revuto platform?

So, why would you use this platform when you can pay for your subscriptions whit card and it's automatic as well. For many reasons, we will take an example. You will pay your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions whit a native token on Cardano blockchain for simplicity we take ADA. You pay your subscriptions whit your ADA. While you paying whit ADA you get a cashback in REVU tokens. The Revu tokens is holding a lot of options by itself. You can choose to stake your REVU tokens, to earn more REVU. If you want you can pair you REVU whit ADA and offer liquidity to earn even more REVU alos beyond just staking. 

The REVU token also act as an collateral, an collateral for you to borrow fiat to pay for your subscriptions. The REVU token also act in the ecosystem as gas, making high transactions fast and whit low costs. The Revuto platform utilizes it's ecosystem and native token REVU for the low fees and fast transactions, even while the transactions could be enormously high. You will also be able to use REVU tokens to pay for subscriptions. 

In this way you will in the end pay lower for your subscriptions with lower costs and in a while nearly nothing whit right use of the REVU token. While the REVU token also acts as governance you will be able to vote on proposals and ides you like and in this way the people of the Revuto platform will choose whats best for it. You pay your subscriptions the Revuto's own virtual depit card, who knows maybe in the future more possibilities and features with virtual card will come.

The REVU token will also be traded thru the dApp on the platform in exchanges this only in the paring of ADA/REVU.  You will be able to use your REVU tokens cross-chain on the ETH blockchain this thru the nativ ERC-20 converter on the platform. this will bring out the wrapped version of REVU as wREVU. This will bring other uses of REVU as wREVU and can by that be traded on decentralized exchanges on the ETH blockchain. This is a smart idea by the Revuto platform, utilizing the ETH blockchain as it soon switches to PoS and making the REVU token as wREVU available whit low fees.

Subscriptions made easy

While lower the costs of your subscriptions an even earning you will have easy access controlling your subscription on the Revuto platform you will ha features of allowing payment, blocking it, even postpone or snooze your subscriptions. The platform even has safey messures against subscription protecting you from hidden fees and other traps like "free trials".  They've already included over 34 different subscriptions and more to come! 


The Revuto platform in my eyes a brilliant idea for your subscriptions utilizing Cardano blockchain for fast transactions whit high security while using it's own native token REVU for low fees and acts as "gas". This while you can stake your REVU for more or having it acting as collateral to borrow fiat to pay subscriptions. The platform offers a lot of flexibility, the REVU token has so many possibilities and advantages and I know I will use this platform for sure!


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Thank you for reading!



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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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