SmartBCH spotlights - Dancing on Tango Swap

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 8 Dec 2021

A new chapter started on SmartBCH, as a new DEX landed on the chain. The new Tango Swap was ready to teach people to dance with SEP-20 tokens, in a more secure way. The extra layer of confidence was given by the two names behind the project, two well-respected Bitcoin Cash supporters: Ian Blas from Bitcoin Cash Argentina, and Fernando Pelliccioni from Knuth development team.

Why is this important? Because we are done with anon developers, as Tango Swap is the first SmartBCH DEX with publicly known developers. We are not using the spell books of some anon wizards, as we are moving on the the age of trustable DEXs. I would always prefer to use a tool created by someone real than by someone who makes an effort to keep his identity secret.


I analyzed the best options available on Tango Swap and two of them were too attractive not to use them. I decided to supply liquidity, and I don't usually do LPs .The two pools I choose where Tango - XTango at 3220% APR and Tango - wBCH at 3957% APR. 

I divided my BCH in 3 equal parts and I bought TANGO with 2 of them, using the last third to make wrapped Bitcoin Cash. I paired 48 Tango with 0.016 wBCH and staked the tokens into the pool.


I had to stake half of the remaining Tango to create the Tango - xTango LP. I then provided 23 of each to create the LP and staked for rewards. Gave it 24 hours to farms some Tango.


One day later, the Tango - XTango at 2488% APR and Tango - wBCH at 2914% APR. I farmed 45 Tango tokens in 24 hours, approximately 9 USD if calculated at $0.20  per token.


After two days, the Tango - XTango at 2515% APR and Tango - wBCH at 2809% APR. The amount of farmed Tango was already smaller, only 33 tokens. I used  the Tango reward to create and supply another small batch of LP.


I farmed few more times, and used the Tango rewards to create more LPs. Maybe was the time to cash out and buy the dip? I didn't cashed out, instead I re-invested every single farmed Tango.


As the rewards kept growing, I decided to keep some as xTango until I will have enough Bitcoin Cash to match the pair. The fees as as low as it can gets, and SmartBCH really brought lots of DeFi opportunities.


As I kept moving founds, and bridging BCH to SmartBCH, plenty of $CATS airdrops accumulated on the CheckBook App. I received 35 $CATS for using the bridge, and added them in the HODL vault. 


Every Tango reward claimed from the two pools was transformed into xTango - Tango LP and added into the staking pool. The APR dropped to 107%, respectively 462% the last time I checked. Even at this rate, the LPs are providing a good source of crypto income. 

I added the last claim as LP and even with the perpetual reinvestment, I still have a minor faction of the pool. My xTango - Tango share of the pool is 0.005% and currently holding 0.01% of the Tango - Wrapped Bitcoin Cash pool.


The SmartBCH Spotlights series:

1. The Cash Cats ($CATS)

$CATS total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens. The token SmartBCH Contract Address is: 0x265bd28d79400d55a1665707fa14a72978fa6043

2. BCHPad - Secure IDO on SmartBCH

BCHPad is a decentralized IDO protocol built on the SmartBCH chain, creating a simplified method to invest in new SEP20 tokens or to raise capital and to kickstart projects. The IDO will run in a permissionless and decentralized method but with an extra level of security. 

3. AxieBCH - Gaming Guild

The AxieBCH gaming guild will have a simple business model and a provision for players to create a play2earn source of income. The transparent assets structure is given by the public blockchain and an unlimited growth potential. The token total supply is 100,000,000 AxieBCH tokens and the contract address is: 0x3d13DaFcCA3a188DB340c81414239Bc2be312Ec9

4. BlockNG & LAW Punks

The BlockNG platform is powered by the $LAW token, which can be used to buy LAW Punks NFTs. The token total supply is 21,000,000 LAW and is currently 7th on Market Cap Cash when ordered by Liquidity. 

5. CheckBook

The CheckBook App system evolves the airdrops, as the tokens are sent through cheques and must be accepted.

6. Konra Token

Konra is a token with unique tokenomics and a project that will become a multi token ecosystem in the future, where each token added will have unique use cases and will be just as thoughtfully created and nurtured.

Residual Income:

Create a Binance account

Join Splinterlands! 

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DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,  GlobalHive ZCash  &  Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0x,  ReadCash,  LBRY & Presearch


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