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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 9 Nov 2021

You probably know that I am a huge fan of the Binance Launchpad and seeing BCHPad joining the game made me have goosebumps! This will be massive and will give the $BCH enthusiasts a level of security when targeting no projects, as a level of verification will be require to join the BCHPad. When I seen the project details and the presale... I wanted to participated but I was too slow.

What is @BCHPad ?

BCHPad is a decentralized IDO protocol built on the SmartBCH chain, creating a simplified method to invest in new SEP20 tokens or to raise capital and to kickstart projects.

The whole IDO will run in a permissionless and decentralized method but with an extra level of security. The DeFi ecosystem is still unsecure, with scams, hacks and rug-pulls happening on a weekly basis. BCHPad will create a safe environment and solve the above issues with the platform that ensures the safety of invested funds.


The litepaper contains all the information about how the platform works, how IDOs will be approved and the BCHPad vision towards a reputable brand in the Cryptoverse.

The projects will be vetted and verified as secure investment opportunities upon listing, including KYC. The audit for the projects will start after the forms are filled and a token holder vote will happen. The contract will be verified after the vote.

The start-ups will benefit from the process as the BCH community will participated without worrying about scams and other issues given by anon token launches.


The story of failing to buy $BPAD

The only issue with being always busy is that sometimes I will see things to late and will miss opportunities. Just to list the ones in the last month .... EBEN presale, 1 million $CATS airdrop, EROS presale and some others.

This is the story of how I failed to buy $BPAD during the presale event. I seen @Jane 's article about BCHPad - Smart BCH 1st Launchpad but I seen it too late. Less then 8 hours left to participate and I had a lot of steps to complete.

I had to move the Bitcoin Cash on SmartBCH chain then wrap it, and to have 0.1 WBCH - enough for the minimum contribution. I withdrew my ReadCash earnings, then swapped some CHEESE to reach the desired amount. I used to send it and I was impressed by the velocity and simplicity of the dAPP.


The next step was to wrap BCH in wBCH and this was done quickly. I made 0.11 wBCH to cover the contribution cap and headed to the @BCHPad presale website.


And then bang ... the horror ... 99.99 BCH as the total raised was 499.95% of the target. I tried to participate with the 0.11 wBCH but I was set back by the 0.99 BCH gas fee! I decided to accept the failure and forget about it.


The Secondary Market and the Airdrop

I was sorry for missing the presale chance as I do think the BCHPad is designed for greatness. The solution came from my Club1BCH colleagues when they asked me why I don't buy $BPAD from the exchange ... and this was mind-blowing! Sometimes we accept failure so easy instead of thinking about solutions. If plan A fails then use plan BCH!

Seen the tweet of the 1st BCHPad airdrop and I didn't want to miss this one as well. To receive the airdrop I had to hold 2500 $BPAD at the time of the snapshot and this was almost an issue as I was busy and away from my laptop. Thankfully I had my dear @Eybyoung ready to help and she bought and sent 2500 $BPAD to my Metamask wallet (I paid her back ... don't worry!). Came back in the evening and checked the Blockchain CheckBook and found 1180 $BPAD tokens waiting to be claimed!


My BPAD stash grew from zero to 3680 tokens in half day, and made me forget about the pre sale fiasco. What did I learn? Advance planning will always prevent last minute FOMO. It is true that the early bird catches the worm! (I left visible the $AxieBCH because I want to show off with an opportunity I didn't miss)


Residual Income:


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