NFT Breaking News #6 - Zombies on the icy desert of Magor!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 8 May 2021

You seen it here first... because it's 🚨 Breaking News 🚨

I was telling you all about zombies in space since 23rd of April! Byron's zombies were sent in space in the last decade, and after floating in the void for years, they finally reached a new planet. The newly discovered planet are rich in a mineral called Trilium (TLM) and full of miners. The zombies doesn't care about mining, they care about brains, making mining alone in the dark very dangerous. Winter is coming as the icy desert of Magor is now invaded by white walkers!


Magor 22:1 is the place where explorers can mine for Byron's zombies. The initial rate was set at 5 NFTs per hour, random drop to those that are mining on the icy desert. I was lucky to hook this Suss Succkler with the second mining attempt. The NFTs are a brand new collection, with Alien Worlds frame!


Raffle tickets for this amazing electric 1:1 NFT are still on sale on Atomic Hub ! The horde's first raffle for a 1 of 1 Error card (Electric Rainbow Fried Zombie) is based on NFT Raffle tickets. The raffle will be drawn on 15/04/2021 @ 12 PM EST  by using random number generation to pick a number between 1 and how many tickets will be sold. 🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Holding your raffle ticket is a good idea, as it may be the reason you will receive free gifts and drops!

Byron's zombies are my top collection from WAX and yes... I spent money on some NFTs. I spent money on raffle tickets and I spent money on bURNduh! You are not a real fan if you are not supporting the artist! 


In Alien Worlds, the Federation announce the emergence of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance missions. Space explorers will be able to lease a spacecraft and to go on missions. Each mission will have a shared reward in Trilium (TLM) and various durations, rewarding more valuable NFTs depending on duration and difficulty. See the full article here!


Meanwhile on Kavian, at the RaccoonBrand stronghold, 1:1 unique NFTs are being mined.  Captain Raccoon is reminding the miners that mining 0.01 Trilium (TLM) will award 1 entry to the hourly NFT draw, while mining 0.25+ TLM will award 1 extra entry in the draw. RaccoonBrand NFTs are still up there for the grab, from one of the 42 Trash Panda NFTs that will ever be minted and some new minted NFTs, such as Baked, Recycle, etc. New NFT collections from various artists were added as well!


My buddy Maiki made me a super-ultra-mega cool surprise today! I now have my Alien Worlds themed avatar! It's limited 3:3 NFT collection and I have all three pieces! Being in the Metaverse 24/7 ain't like being on Earth 24/7, Earth boy!


TokensDeals new collection ExhibitionXXX brings heat into the NFT Adult Entertainment! The work is amazing and I can see a great future for the collection. Below will be a list winners from the giveaway I hosted, people that probably noticed Sandy in their wax wallet. More good news for TokensDeals as CyberPorn2 was added on TokenHead! I can now show-off my collection with friends!


Cryptoswatches smashing collaborations!

Cryptoswatches is one of my favorite collections and the collaborations are making some NFTs even more special! The collaboration with our own bmjc98 was one of those wonderful moments when you have a smug smile and you say "I know her... she's my friend!" You have the chance to go on a bid war against me or you can check her art on AtomicHub !

Another top collaboration is the one with TheNFTStamps! NFT stamps represent not only the monetary cost, but also the environmental impact. 10% go to carbon offsets. Join this eco-friendly campaign and try to grab a bargain from this auctions!

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Cryptoswatches newest collaboration with Cryptopups will celebrate Mother's Day. Apple is graphics designer from the Philippines, doing minimalist logos, posters and many more. The adorable puppy is called Swatchy and more aboute Apple can be found here!


CyberCereal is a new artist designing unique cereal boxes! You can get this Bacon Puffs Box by following the details of the giveaway! Hats off to your teacher... he deserves a treat! 

Best Wishes NFTs are the best way to say "Thank you!" to your fellow NFT enthusiasts.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 The Watercolor Best Wishes pack are live! You can now say "Thank you", "Congratulations" or "Sorry" with the colorful Best Wishes #NFTs. Every pack contains 5 NFTs from the collection, distributed randomly. Try out your luck and stack up some best wishes! If you are courious what's in the pack... watch me unwrapping the first pack ever from the collection!

CryptoPenguin10 has so many new friends! Over the last week a whole lot of characters were dropped! Have a look and pick your favorite! I already have 66 pixel creatures in my collection!

Giveaway results

I am getting really pedantic with this and who didn't tagged a friend, mandatory action for the giveaway, is not eligible for the draw! Why? Because I am tired to put effort into things and some can't be bothered to even read the criteria.

Let me quote from NFT Breaking News #3, where "a total of 15 Sandy:001 NFTs will be shared by lucky draw. The giveaway criteria is to tag a friend and drop the WAX address, until Sunday 2nd of May". Those whom made an effort and tagged a friend will find Sandy in their wallet. The other 16 who didn't were excluded from this giveaway. The following wallets were credited with a Sandy ExhibitionXXX NFT by TokensDeal 
















Same issue in the NFT Breaking News #5 where the participants had to drop the .wam and tag a friend to get the Adventure's Backpack. The following participants were sent the backpack and I am looking forward to see them joining the Endless Loot adventures:










With your Adventure's Backpack you can now join the ENDLESS LOOT quests on events! They take place on Wednesdays and Sundays! I just got some Grov and this crazy Kobold on Wednesday's quest!


More "frens" are now on TokenHead! Happy to see SillyPSyBen added along with Digital Ducks, Cyberpuppies, TokensDeals and CryptoPups


PVM's Devilish Cat

I have to show off and share the Devilish Cat with the world! Hand made in pencil, my pet is now available on the blockchain. 



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